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The intent of this blog is to provide a format for various members of the Elgin Academy community to showcase our unique learning environment. We hope you enjoy these stories.

3rd Graders Explore Photography

by Isabella Perrelli '17

This year, as a senior, I am taking an elective class called Early Childhood Education. It is a class for Upper School students who are investigating a career in teaching. The class covers instruction in educational theory and the practical applications of teaching. Students who take this class are assigned to a Lower School classroom that serves as a lab. I regularly join Ms. Boborci's third grade class to get some real time experience working with children under Ms. Boborci's watchful eye.

Recently, I was sharing my love of photography with the students. It is my passion, and I am fortunate that I'm going to be able to go to college to study photography. Many of the students wanted to know more about photography and what inspires a photographer. I told them that I find inspiration in my surroundings, especially nature.

Since it was a warm February day, we decided to go outside and see what interesting photos we could take using iPads. The students were excited to do this project, and soon they were running all over the quad seeking different and unique things to photograph. When we returned to the classroom we shared our photos with one another and critiqued our work. Ms. Boborci made a bulletin board with the best of our photos.

What I liked about this lesson was that I got to share my passion with someone younger. Maybe they will become passionate about photography too. I also got to experience the joy of sharing my photography skills with someone else.

Past Blog Posts

AP Psychology Poster Session

By Gina Kietzmann, EA Faculty

The AP Psychology Poster Session is an opportunity for the students in this course to share their third quarter project with the EA community. The roots of this assignment begin with the first quarter project where students are asked to read three psychology journal articles and choose one of the studies to replicate. Students develop the procedures, collect the data, analyze the data, and write up the results. The first quarter project is designed to help students gain knowledge about the many components involved when conducting psychological research, as well as the aspects that can make it difficult to get meaningful results.

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Support Extravaganza 40!

By Marnie Kut - Assistant Development Director

  1. This is a special Extravaganza! For 40 years our community of parents, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees have been coming together for fundraising and camaraderie. Our March 11th Extravaganza will honor the past, present, and future of Elgin Academy.
  2. The proceeds from Extravaganza make an immediate impact in the classroom and learning environment and support the experiences that our students enjoy every day.
  3. The event is at Pearl Banquets, a property of Rehan Zaid, Class of 2007, so he is sure to pull out all the stops for an elegant evening with great food.
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Once a Hilltopper, Always a Hilltopper

By members of Elgin Academy's 2009-2010 Girls Basketball ISL 1A Regional Champions

Members of the 2009-2010 Basketball Team sent letters of support to this year's team when they learned that they would be competing for the Independent School League Class 1A Regional Championship on Thursday, February 9. The alums understood the excitement and tension surrounding Regionals, because they won the Regional title back in 2010.

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Making It Up as We Go Along

By Amelia Deering '17

There are very few things that can get a high schooler to come to school earlier than absolutely necessary. Mandatory zero periods are one, singing Disney songs in Encore is another, but to get them here so early on a Friday? Some would say that's impossible, but the Improv Club proves them wrong.

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