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The intent of this blog is to provide a format for various members of the Elgin Academy community to showcase our unique learning environment. We hope you enjoy these stories.

Private School Helped Me Successfully Transition Into College

by Isabella Perrilli '17

Some things really make us smile! Isabella Perrilli '17, a Columbia College freshman, has posted about her Elgin Academy education on Odyssey.

Odyssey is an internet media company that operates based on a crowd-sourced model, receiving articles from a base of thousands of volunteer authors and edited through their teams of volunteer, outsourced, and professional content strategists.

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Past Blog Posts

Living in a Post 9/11 World

by Seth Hanford, Head of School

Listen to Seth Hanford's talk to the Upper School students on Monday, September 11, during Monday's assembly. He shares his reflection on what it means to be a student in a post 9/11 world.

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Foxman Visits Lower School to Lay Down the Rules

by Foxman

While the Middle and Upper School students were away on trip week, the Lower School students got to have a celebration all their own featuring me—Foxman! Each year, the Lower School has a Back-to-School ceremony that welcomes everyone to the start of the new school year and brings into focus what Hilltoppers are all about. I'm always a big part of that gathering!

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Habits of Successful High School Students

This week's post is a video of Mr. Sept's opening day talk to students in the Upper School. He encourages the students to use the start of the new school year as a chance to hit a reset button.

At Elgin Academy, Upper School students and faculty gather weekly in an assembly to share news about upcoming events and activities on campus and on the playing fields. Mr. Sept will occasionally use the time to address the students on pertinent issues.

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How to be Successful in High School: Don't Fear Failure

The following remarks were given at the 8th Grade Graduation on June 5, 2017.

My name is Doug Sept, and as the Upper School Director at Elgin Academy is my pleasure to welcome you to the Upper School tonight.

Elgin Academy Class of 2021, it has been an honor for me to join you and those around you tonight in applauding all of your significant accomplishments. We are excited to welcome you to the Upper School in August. We know that among you are artists, intellectuals, athletes, community servants, and good friends. You will fit right into our Upper School, which is filled with students ready to welcome you to their community and faculty who are looking forward to guiding you in the next four years.

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Elgin Academy is a Top K - 12 Private School in Illinois

Niche.com combines rigorous analysis with authentic reviews to highlight the best places to go to school throughout the country. Thanks to reviews like the ones below Elgin Academy is ranked as one of the best private K-12 schools in Illinois. You might consider leaving your own review on Niche.

"The most important aspect of Elgin Academy is its most intrinsic: the people. The faculty and students that comprise day-to-day life at school are simply exceptional. I cannot offer enough praise for Elgin Academy; it has shaped and enhanced who I am today and has granted me the skills that will direct who I will be in the future. The resources, connections, and curriculum have been critical in preparing me for my education at Stanford and--more importantly--life beyond. My sister and I have tremendously benefited from the Elgin Academy education. It is quite simply the greatest gift our parents could've ever given us."

- Elgin Academy Alumni
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