Summer Program instructors are qualified, credentialed teachers or professionals in their field who understand the nature of learning and are dedicated to teaching or coaching. Support staff members are nurturing, caring college students and adults. We use certified/accredited staff for specialized instruction. All staff members subject to reference, drug and background checks. CPR/AED and first aid instruction is provided.


Tanya Moore

Director of Summer Programs & After-School Activities, Website Content Manager, Advancement Associate
Bachelor of Arts, Northern Illinois University

Elgin Academy is a place where every student is valued and celebrated for who they are as individuals. As a member of this amazing community, my priory is to support our students' educational experience through summer programing, the website, events, and fundraising. I am truly grateful to be a part of the EA community.
- Tanya Moore

Joanne Ziebell

Summer Program - Camp Coordinator
Elgin Community College - Early Childhood Courses

Coordinating the summer camp programs at EA offers me the opportunity to engage with families, students and colleagues from a diverse culture. I enjoy being part of this wonderful campus and making our summer programs an enjoyable experience for both current and new families. I believe summer programs allow students the opportunity to build confidence and explore new skills in an enjoyable environment.
- Joanne Ziebell

Trisha Shrum

Middle School Administrative Assistant, Summer Program Assistant Coordinator
Bachelor of Arts, Roosevelt University

It’s not about how big or small are mistakes are, but how we correct them that define us. Life is full of choices that can lend itself to teaching opportunities. As a teacher I feel part of my job is to help students become equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and characteristics to grow both personally and academically in any situation. Elgin Academy naturally offers me the opportunity to teach in this way, which is inspiring.
- Trisha Shrum

Lydia Gillus

Summer Program STEAM Instructor
Exec. Director, STEM Savvy

I want to increase the number of students that choose STEM as a career option. I tie in real world application to what they learn so students can see the relevance of their projects to everyday life. It helps them think positively about math and science.
- Lydia Gillus

Ethan Moore

Summer Program - Adventure Camp Counselor
Elgin Academy Alumni
Attending Beloit College - Computer Science, Math

As a student at EA I enjoyed volunteering in the Summer Program. I'm excited to return and work as a Camp Counselor this year."
- Ethan Moore '20

Teagan Moore

Summer Program - Adventure Camp Lead Counselor, Summer Program STEAM Instructor
Elgin Academy Alumni
Attending Knox College - Theater, Art, and Music

I started in theater at a very young age and I thrived from the support I received. I want to give back and encourage young artists to purse their creative endeavors on the stage and beyond.
- Teagan Moore '18

Kyle Spencer

Upper School Mathematics, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Summer Program Instructor
Bachelor of Arts, Hampden-Sydney College
Masters of Science, University of Edinburgh in Scotland

There's an inherent joy in learning that's different for everyone. My goal as a teacher is to help each student find that joy as they grow as both life-long learners and persons.
- Kyle Spencer

Erin Van Horne

Lower School & Upper School Visual Arts, Summer Instructor
Bachelor of Arts, University of Iowa
Master of Education, DePaul University

The classroom opens up the world to students. It allows them to experience culture, love and loss in an environment free of judgement. My classroom embraces personal expression that allows the personalities and passions of every student to flourish.
- Erin Van Horne

Brian Wrightson

Lower School & Middle School Music, Summer Program Instructor
Bachelor of Science, Elmhurst College
Masters of Arts, VanderCook College of Music

Music students should learn how to become independent musicians, and lifelong music lovers. My personal goal is to impart my knowledge and enthusiasm for music in the students I have been given the privilege to teach..
- Brian Wrightson