Providing a Home Away from Home

There is no better way to immerse yourself in the culture and practice language skills than living with an American host family. 

Elgin Academy host parents are carefully selected to provide a safe, stable and supportive home away from home. Host parents are dedicated to supporting international students as they adjust to a new culture, a second language, and an unfamiliar school. Many of our host parents have children of their own who also attend Elgin Academy providing international students with instant friendships. 

Elgin Academy requires host parents to submit to background checks. Our staff also conducts home visits to inspect and approve our international student’s accommodations.


Homestay Details

Host families will pick-up the international student at Elgin Academy on the Sunday prior to the program start date and drop them off on the Saturday morning after the program ends. If the international student is staying multiple weeks, they will stay with the Host Family on weekends and participate in family activities. Optional airport transportation is available.

The host family will provide breakfast and dinner in their home. They will also provide a bagged lunch to bring to to program.

Hosting Fee: $350 per week
Optional Airport Transportation Fee: $50

Host Family Program