About EA

Elgin Academy is the Fox River Valley’s preschool through grade 12 independent school where taking learning personally shapes every school day, every interaction, and every learning moment between your child and his peers and teachers.

At Elgin Academy, taking learning personally means. . .

Classrooms characterized by open conversation and probing dialogue because intellectual discourse lays the foundation for a lifetime of critical thinking.

Active learning projects in every subject and every division, because proving knowledge through kinetic applications cements concepts for life.

Mutually empowering relationships between fellow students and students and teachers, because learning breakthroughs accelerate within a culture of trust, respect, and compassion.

At Elgin Academy, taking learning personally defines our commitment— to each other, and to every child who finds her second home on our campus.

And it stands as your child’s abiding gift as she continues to hone her understanding of world and self through her time here, well into college, and long after graduation.