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About EA

Founded in 1839, Elgin Academy is the Fox River Valley’s preschool through 12th grade independent school located in Elgin, Illinois.


Elgin Academy offers a differentiated student experience which means we are...

  • uniquely positioned to help every student realize and fulfill their potential and prepare them to make a positive impact on the world.
  • tapping into our innovative and adaptive culture to provide a unique student experience and differentiated student support.
  • deliberately fulfilling our mission: offering an educational experience where kids are inspired to become our creative, courageous, and compassionate future.
  • ensuring all students have access to the full range of opportunities we offer.
  • mutually empowering relationships between fellow students and students and teachers, because learning breakthroughs accelerate within a culture of trust, respect, and compassion.

Differentiated Experience

EA is a supportive community with high academic standards where it is just as important to learn from failure as it is to flourish

Our Mission

Inspiring students to become our creative, courageous, and compassionate future.


two girls reading

Elgin Academy is listed as a 2023 NICHE best school!

Elgin Academy is unique in Chicago’s northwest suburbs:

We are the only preschool through 12th grade independent school in the area. Other non-public (private) schools in the area are faith-based schools, or they are schools whose primary focus is to graduate students to the next academic or artistic level.

We provide students with a transformative educational experience while moving them to the next academic level.


“Because the classes are small, the teachers are in tune with the kids, what they learn and how they learn it. Students do not fall through the cracks.”

- Current EA Parent

Elgin Academy, as a private 501(c)(3) educational organization and as an ISACS fully accredited educational entity, provides equal admission and access and opportunities to all students currently enrolled at EA and to students seeking enrollment at the Academy. Elgin Academy does not discriminate against any person or class of persons based on disability, race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation or in any other manner prohibited by either federal or state law. The Elgin Academy admissions policy is dictated by our implementation and usage of our mission statement as a guiding principle to the operation of the school.