Elgin Academy, a Preschool through Grade 12 learning community of approximately 300 students, is located 35 miles northwest of Chicago. Here, taking learning personally defines our promise to each and every student and family who calls Elgin Academy home. Our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to our Mission of “Inspiring students to become our creative, courageous, and compassionate future.”

Elgin Academy is an equal opportunity employer and educational institution that fully and actively supports equal access for all.

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The school seeks a Division Director to start July 2020, who will be responsible for the daily management of the Lower and Middle Schools, including organizational and disciplinary issues, with an eye towards supporting a diverse and welcoming community for students and families. In doing so, they will be aware of the educational, physical, social, and psychological needs of the members of the school community and develop plans for meeting these needs. They will focus on maintaining congruency between the school’s mission and all activities in the Lower and Middle Schools and therefore work to create and maintain an inviting, inclusive climate. In addition, they should be a presence at various events to support students and families and to ensure that this climate extends to the life of the students outside of the classroom.

We specifically seek someone who has:

  • Experience teaching and a keen understanding of students from age 3 through 8th grade.

  • A passion for, and history of, hiring, supporting and encouraging a faculty that employs cutting-edge, experiential learning environments and embraces our Characteristics of Professional Excellence.

  • A history of supporting teachers as they innovate to bring age-appropriate experiences to their classrooms.

  • An understanding of principles of learning and a desire to work with a team of colleagues to enhance students’ learning experiences.

  • A desire to establish a transformational environment for our school’s students.

  • Experience with a team and a desire to work collaboratively to support the school’s welcoming and inclusive environment.

  • A desire to shape a faculty culture that supports innovative student experiences at all grade levels. 

  • Excellent communication skills and a desire to engage with the students and families in a way that enhances our school’s community.

  • A desire to contribute to the short- and long-term-planning for the school. 

As is the case with all members of our staff, they will be expected to aspire to the EA Characteristics of Professional Excellence, in which Elgin Academy teachers promise to:

  • Create an environment where students are encouraged to take risks, grow from mistakes, defend their ideas, and advocate for themselves.

  • Provide diverse learning experiences that allow and encourage a variety of ways to demonstrate knowledge.

  • Model the characteristics found in the Portrait of a Hilltopper.

  • Build trusting relationships with students and families through consistency, equity, and communication.

  • Communicate and collaborate with the school community to foster supportive and professional relationships.

  • Continue to innovate teaching strategies, including use of technology.

  • Support school community activities.

  • Continue to be lifelong learners through ongoing professional development and collaboration with peers.

Elgin Academy is an equal opportunity employer and educational institution that fully and actively supports equal access for all.

Candidates should send a cover letter, resume, and references electronically to Seth Hanford at

Seth Hanford
Head of School

Elgin Academy | 350 Park St. Elgin, IL 60120