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The intent of this blog is to provide a format for various members of the Elgin Academy community to showcase our unique learning environment. We hope you enjoy these stories.

Elgin Academy Strategic Plan Update 2018

featuring Keith Rauschenberger and Seth Hanford

If you were unable to attend Tuesday, February 13th's Strategic Plan 2018 Update by Board Chair, Keith Rauschenberger, and Head of School, Seth Hanford, you can watch the video below of the entire presentation, including the Q & A session.

Past Blog Posts

Elgin Academy 1st-Graders Show Knowledge and Composure

Featuring Ms. Collins' First-Grade Class

Our first graders were impressive on Monday, February 11th when they gave oral reports on the continents to an audience of family and friends. The young students, working with a partner, collaborated on the presentations. The students researched geographical, historical, and scientific facts about their assigned continent. Their reports highlighted their ability to read and write, to present information in a poster display creatively, and to remain composed and focused during their one-minute talk. After everyone gave their report, students and guests moved to the hallway to view students artwork inspired by the study of the continents. We think the first-graders were terrific. Please enjoy a few of the presentations.

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Featuring Elgin Academy's Amazing 5th and 6th Grade Students

Parents and guests who come to Biographers' Tea, an annual event where fifth and sixth-graders take the stage to chronicle the life of a historical figure, often marvel at the confidence the young speakers possess as they give their three-minute presentation. The audience sees a polished and informative monologue delivered by a student who assumes the persona of an important person. This year's Biographers' Tea showcased the lives and accomplishments of many of the world's most influential scientists and mathematicians.

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Elgin Academy Middle & Upper School Music Students Present Beauty of the Earth

Directed by Maria Cinquemani Thomas

On Thursday, December 14th, Middle and Upper School Choirs presented their winter choral program, Beauty of the Earth. The concert features holiday carols and the choral work Missa Gaia or Earth Mass. This intricate work takes elements from the traditional structure of the Catholic Mass and juxtaposes them with original compositions celebrating the beauty of the earth and at times incorporate animal songs or calls recorded in the wild.

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Don't Strive for Balance, Instead Work Sequentially

featuring Doug Sept, Director of the Upper School

As Upper School students entered the regular Monday assembly on January 22, 2018, Mr. Sept had a video clip of a plate spinning performance from the old Ed Sullivan Show. If you don't know, plate spinning is a vaudeville-type performance where a person spins plates, bowls and other flat objects on poles, without them falling. There is a gimmick to the success of the act, with physics doing most of the work, but the appearance is that the performer must work fast and furiously to keep the plates spinning and from crashing down. As the students watched in amusement and amazement, one student wondered aloud what was the point of the video.

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PACK THE PLACE Celebrates Elgin Academy Athletes Across the Divisions

Thanks to all our families and students who braved the frigid temperatures last Saturday, January 13th and came out to support Pack the Place! Everyone had a great time supporting our Hilltopper athletes of all ages and celebrating EA baseball with a special banner presentation saluting our ISL and IHSA Regional titles. EA parent Nicole Perry was on hand to photograph the day's activities. Enjoy the photos!

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