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The intent of this blog is to provide a format for various members of the Elgin Academy community to showcase our unique learning environment. We hope you enjoy these stories.

Elgin Academy Theatre Productions Take Center Stage
Bonita Goist

Did you know that Mary Bayer, Elgin Academy's Upper School Theatre instructor, has directed every Upper School Theatre production (both the plays and musicals) for the last 14 years? That's a lot of decisions to be made as to what productions to stage to appeal to an audience that often ranges from preschoolers to grandparents.  In this month's podcast, Notes from the Hill, Bonita Goist speaks to Mary Bayer as well as senior, Jaden Tabak, about Upper Theatre, their favorite roles, and just how Ms. Bayer decides what shows to stage each year.

At the Upper School assembly last Monday, Ms. Bayer announced the spring musical for 2020 is The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Mark your calendar for March 6 & 7th! You can listen to the podcast in its entirety by clicking here.



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Self Compassion Is Good For All of Us
Bonita Goist

On October 29th, Middle School and Upper School students attended assemblies presented by Laura Kowalski, MS, LCPC of TriCity Family Services.  Ms. Kowalski talked to the students about forgoing self-esteem for self-compassion which appears to be a more reliable source of support without the negative consequences of self-esteem. If you would like to view the evening presentation in its entirety it's available here.

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EA Classrooms old and new
Bonita Goist

Back in 1839 when the charter for Elgin Academy was written, things were much different than they are today. There were no cars, no telephones (smart or otherwise), and students did their school work on tablets but, admittedly, not the kind of tablets Elgin Academy students use now.

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Senior Speeches Result From Years of Practice in Public Speaking at Elgin Academy
Bonita Goist

Everyone has heard the statistic that more people fear public speaking than actual death.  That may be hard to imagine but according to one statistic (psycom.net), 75% of the population has this fear, known as glossophobia. Being able to speak clearly and confidently is a vital part of adult life.  According to the article The 11 Solid Reasons Why Public Speaking is Important in Your Life, public speaking raises your level of self-confidence, it makes you more comfortable around other people, it allows you to share your knowledge and gain knowledge at the same time. In other words, to fear public speaking is to hold yourself back in your career and in life.  The ability to speak in public opens doors and literally gives you a voice in the conversation.

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New Parent Welcome Reception
Bonita Goist

Welcoming new parents to Elgin Academy is always a pleasure.  This Tuesday, August 13th, we were thrilled to welcome many new faces to our annual New Parent Reception.  Greeting the new families were members of Elgin Academy's Parent Association, Board Members, faculty, and staff. 

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Adventure Camp at GB library
Bonita Goist

When kids learn to love reading at a young age it stays with them forever.  This year Elgin Academy's Adventure camp became a Gold Star Partner with the Gail Borden Library to help students in our summer program learn to love books!  This year's theme, Get in the Game - Read, began May 1st and will end this week.

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