Diane Schael

Director of Admissions
Bachelor of Science, Northern Illinois University
Master of Science, Northern Illinois University
Doctorate in Education, Northern Illinois University

I believe each student is an individual, each with their own interests and experiences to share. It is important to use these interests to guide their curriculum. Students learn best when they are taught in a manner that allows them to take ownership in their learning and have a voice in the learning process. Therefore, students will strive to their highest achieving potential when they are motivated with these key components in mind..
- Diane Schael

In order to help students accomplish the most from their learning, it is important to form relationships with all members of the student's educational team including parents, teachers, administrative support and the student themselves. I look forward to meeting each family at Elgin Academy and become a part of the student’s successful educational journey.

Bonita Deering

Community Outreach Coordinator
Bachelor of Science, Carroll University
Master of Science (in progress), Purdue University

Since I came to Elgin Academy as a parent, I saw that Elgin Academy is a place for students to learn who they really are. They are encouraged to be risk takers, to take chances and to go outside of their comfort zone.As a result, graduates of EA are prepared to take on the world and do amazing things
- Bonita Deering

There is definitely a dedication to helping each student reach his/her highest potential. When the opportunity arose to join the Marketing and Admissions staff, I was thrilled to be able to play a more active role in helping to bring more students to campus and let others in the community know about Elgin Academy.Elgin Academy is a unique community of students, teachers, staff and family who come together to create an atmosphere of learning, caring and creativity and I love that it’s my job to tell everyone about it.

Trisha Shrum

Morning Extended Day, Early Childhood Assistant, Admissions Assistant, Development Associate
Bachelor of Arts, Roosevelt University

It’s not about how big or small are mistakes are, but how we correct them that define us. Life is full of choices that can lend itself to teaching opportunities. As a teacher I feel part of my job is to help students become equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and characteristics to grow both personally and academically in any situation. Elgin Academy naturally offers me the opportunity to teach in this way, which is inspiring.
- Trisha Shrum

Echo Vetillo

Early Childhood Assistant, Extended Day Assistant, Admissions Assistant
Bachelor of Science, Northern Illinois University

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” (Brian Littrell) I have the privilege of seeing the “light” every day due to Elgin Academy’s supportive and encouraging environment that fosters growth, learning, and discovery among its students.
- Echo Vetillo

This may seem cliché or obvious, but truly, I love working with kids.I love their curiosity and love of learning.One of its most rewarding qualities is seeing a child’s eyes light up when they finally understand a new concept or realize they can do something that they didn’t even know they were capable of doing because they decided to try.I have the privilege of seeing the “light” every day due to Elgin Academy’s supportive and encouraging environment that fosters growth, learning, and discovery among its students.