Rick Williams

Athletic Director, US Varsity Boys Basketball - Head Coach, Summer Program Coach
Bachelor of Arts, Judson University

The Athletic Department at Elgin Academy is designed to excite athletes about the process of daily improvement. We believe through hard work, teamwork and dedication, student athletes continue the standard of excellence first established in the classroom.
- Rick Williams

Craig Pinson

MS Athletic Director, LS & MS PE Teacher, MS Boys Baseball - Head Coach
Bachelor of Science, Northern Illinois University
Master of Science, Ohio University

While I am only just beginning my time at Elgin Academy, I can already see that this community is truly one of a kind. In my entire teaching and coaching career, I have never seen such a caring and supportive student body. The passion, positivity, and dedication that each student brings daily to the EA Community drives me to be the best teacher and leader that I can possibly be.
- Craig Pinson

Rose Johnson

Athletic and Admissions Assistant

My goal as the Receptionist/Athletic Assistant is to make each student and family member feel welcomed and excited to know they made the right choice in Elgin Academy as they come through our doors and to our athletic events. I am excited to get to know everyone and to be involved in the EA Community.
- Rose Johnson

Fall Coaches

Dawn Gross

US Volleyball - Head Coach

I have been part of Elgin Academy’s growing volleyball program for five years now and I’m so grateful to be part of this amazing school and athletic program. I tell all my athletes that you cannot learn without making mistakes and I believe in you so you need to believe in yourself.
- Dawn Gross

Corinne Lam

US Cross Country - Assistant Coach, US Track and Field - Assistant Coach
Attending North Central College

I'd made it this far and refused to give up because all my life I had always finished the race.
- Corinne Lam

Brian LeVanti

US Tack and Field - Head Coach, US Cross Country - Head Coach
Master of Arts, National Louis

Debra Marusich

US Volleyball - Assistant Coach

Sportsmanship for me is when a person walks off the court and you really can't tell whether she won or lost. She carries herself with pride no matter the outcome.
- Debra Marusich

Kevin Meek

US Varsity Boys Soccer - Head Coach, US Varsity Girls Soccer - Head Coach

I am grateful for the opportunity to join the Hilltopper community. I am looking forward to working and growing with this amazing group of passionate, hardworking, and dedicated young student athletes.
- Kevin Meek

Rebekah Moe

US Math, US Tennis Assistant Coach
Bachelor of Science, Northern Illinois University

I want my students to enjoy learning math. I want them to master the concepts, but I don’t think that learning must come through just one method, but a combination of techniques. I want the students to learn how to properly use technology as a tool to support and verify their learning.
- Becky Moe

Sam O’Connor-Divelbiss

Middle School Science, Middle School Soccer Head Coach
Bachelor of Arts, Kalamazoo College
Masters of Science, University of Michigan

Sterling Perez

Maintenance, US Boys Tennis - Assistant Coach, US Girls Tennis - Assistant Coach
Associates of Arts, Elgin Community College

I am so grateful to be a part of the Elgin Academy Community because of the respect, passion, and kindness everyone has towards the Community.
- Sterling Perez

Everyone was so welcoming my first year working on the maintenance team. I love working in and supporting great communities, such as Elgin Academy. It makes it all the easier to work here when people are so friendly and respectful when I pass by. The students are so passionate with working with each other on projects or activities throughout the EA experience!! Our maintenance crew is very dedicated to helping grow our community, as well as, keeping our community a safe and better place for our EA Students!

Bill Rodriguez

MS Girls Soccer - Assistant Coach, US Boys Soccer - Assistant Coach, US Girls Basketball - Assistant Coach, US Boys Baseball - Assistant Coach

Kelly Saurer

MS Volleyball Coach

Tom Schneider

US Varsity Golf - Head Coach

Golf is a test of skill and character. You can learn a great deal about an individual on the golf course......temperament, honesty, and integrity to name a few.
- Tom Schneider

Jeff Swegler

US Field Hockey - Head Coach

Vince Thomas

Upper School Math & Science, MS Soccer Assistant Coach, US Track and Field - Assistant Coach
Master of Arts, North Central College
Master of Science, University of Wisconsin
Bachelor of Science, Princeton University

I believe that the primary purpose of high school science courses is to help students become critical thinkers, better problem solvers, and informed citizens. To this end, my courses include discussion of current news events pertaining to issues facing contemporary society.
- Vince Thomas

I have been teaching for over 20 years, and since fall 1998 at Elgin Academy, where I am the Upper School Dean of Students and Physics teacher. At EA, all students take either Conceptual Physics or Mathematical (Honors) Physics in either the junior or senior year.

I am a former engineer, and thus appreciate how science study can lead to future college majors and careers. However, I believe that the primary purpose of high school science courses is to help students become critical thinkers, better problem solvers, and informed citizens. To this end, my courses include discussion of current news events pertaining to issues facing contemporary society. Among these are hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and the use of alternative or renewable fuels for transportation and power generation, and how these affect the environment and the question of climate change.

I know that physics is a difficult subject for students taking it for the first time, even for students who have been successful in other science courses. Consequently, I devote a good portion of class time to addressing student questions and am readily available for help outside of class. I also know that some students struggle with working alone on a new subject, and thus allow my students to have a “study buddy” in completing homework.

I have found through experience that, by actively engaging with the subject inside and outside of class, all students can gain a better grasp of physics-related topics. My Conceptual Physics students draw on this understanding as citizens and voters, or in business-related careers. For my Honors Physics students, this insight is often a basis for further physics study in pre-medical, engineering, or computer science majors.

I believe that the most important idea that I can help all of my students appreciate is related to a central idea in science called the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Specifically, it is this: there are no easy answers facing society; for every “solution” to a problem, there are economic and environmental impacts. I hope that this knowledge will help my students to see “the Big Picture,” and to realize that science does not exist in a vacuum, but is rather tied together with all other areas of endeavor and decision-making.