Marnie Kut

Director Of Development
Bachelor of Arts, Northwestern University
Master of Business Administration, Northwestern University

As the child of a teacher, I witnessed the power of education as I was growing up. I always knew that I wanted to be part of a school that supports the growth and development of young people. I am very lucky to be part of such a community at Elgin Academy and am grateful be surrounded by such joy in learning as exists here.
- Marnie Kut

As Development Director, I help to enhance the learning experience for each student through fundraising. The fundraising efforts of the extraordinary team in the Development office help make it possible for our students to explore new worlds, confidently give presentations, learn their own strengths on the athletic field, and shine artistically. Development also supports the entire Elgin Academy community from our faculty to our parent volunteers. What happens at EA every day would not be possible without their efforts and the Development Office assists them in every way we can.

I am grateful to the entire Elgin Academy community which helps our students learn and thrive and happy to be a part of it all.

Tanya Moore

Director of Summer Programs, Website Content Manager, Advancement Associate
Bachelor of Arts, Northern Illinois University

Elgin Academy is a place where every student is valued and celebrated for who they are as individuals. As a member of this amazing community, my priory is to support our students' educational experience through summer programing, the website, events, and fundraising. I am truly grateful to have found a place which cherishes every child including my own.
- Tanya Moore

Trisha Shrum

Morning Extended Day, Early Childhood Assistant, Admissions Assistant, Development Associate, Summer Program - Adventure Camp
Bachelor of Arts, Roosevelt University

It’s not about how big or small are mistakes are, but how we correct them that define us. Life is full of choices that can lend itself to teaching opportunities. As a teacher I feel part of my job is to help students become equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and characteristics to grow both personally and academically in any situation. Elgin Academy naturally offers me the opportunity to teach in this way, which is inspiring.
- Trisha Shrum