Andrew Kolba

Maintenance Director

When people think of the word school they immediately think of students and teachers but for me "school" means much more. At Elgin Academy it's the buildings, the grounds, the 18 acres of grass and flowers and it's making sure that everything looks great and works great. If I do my job well then everyone else can do theirs and everybody wins.
- Andrew Kolba

Jim Kolba


It's easy to take what maintenance does for granted. When things work you don't think about them but when they don't our team is there to make it right. I'm proud to be able to not only keep Elgin Academy running but to also help students get to class when they're lost, safely to their parents' cars at the end of the day and give them a smile when they need it.
- Jim Kolba

Sterling Perez

Maintenance, US Boys Tennis - Assistant Coach, US Girls Tennis - Assistant Coach, Summer Program - Tennis Coach
Associates of Arts, Elgin Community College

I am so grateful to be a part of the Elgin Academy Community because of the respect, passion, and kindness everyone has towards the Community.
- Sterling Perez

Everyone was so welcoming my first year working on the maintenance team. I love working in and supporting great communities, such as Elgin Academy. It makes it all the easier to work here when people are so friendly and respectful when I pass by. The students are so passionate with working with each other on projects or activities throughout the EA experience!! Our maintenance crew is very dedicated to helping grow our community, as well as, keeping our community a safe and better place for our EA Students!