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Head of School Welcome

Welcome to Elgin Academy!

These pages are meant to highlight the various ways in which we take learning personally-- the hallmark of the Elgin Academy experience and the ultimate effect of the deep relationships that flourish in our close-knit environment. It is these relationships that form the foundation of the engaged learning that can only happen in a challenging and supportive environment geared toward understanding and encouraging the best in each student. Throughout this site, you will see myriad examples of the active learning that takes place in our classrooms, on our fields and courts, and in our art spaces.

While these pages paint a moving portrait, there is truly no substitute for participating in person. There are unlimited opportunities here, and we look forward to helping you explore the ways that your desire for the best education fits with our personal approach. Make an appointment with our admissions office today.

We look forward to meeting you!

Seth Hanford
Head of School

Seth Hanford with students



Messages from the Head of School ...

Throughout the school year on any given day you will find Elgin Academy's Head of School, Seth Hanford in the classroom, on the sidelines of our sports fields, walking the hallways and interacting with students, faculty, and parents. As a long-time educator as well as an administrator, Mr. Hanford shares his wealth of experience through speeches and in correspondence to the EA community.

Mr. Hanford's most recent message is shared below. Additionally, his past messages are archived and can be accessed for future reference.


The Power of Moments

Dear Friends: 

One of the great things about a break is the chance to read. I hope you agree with that sentiment and that some of you took some time this past weekend, or will take some time in the coming longer break, to read something that really interests and stimulates you. 

The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath really caught my attention this weekend. This book describes a defining moment as a “short experience that is both memorable and meaningful.” In their research, moments are particularly powerful when they contain:

  1. Elevation: they “rise above the every day.”
  2. Insight: they “rewire our understanding of ourselves or the world.”
  3. Pride: they “capture us at our best.”
  4. Connection: they “are social...These moments are strengthened because we share them with others.”
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