Head of School Welcome

Welcome to Elgin Academy!

At Elgin Academy we are uniquely positioned to be flexible, to innovate and to provide a differentiated experience for our students.

As a member of the EA community, your student has access to our robust programs that are geared toward understanding and encouraging the best in each student.

Throughout this site, you will see myriad examples of the active learning that takes place in our classrooms, on our fields and courts, and in our art spaces. As we continue to build upon our tradition of excellence and innovation, we  ensure all students have access to the full range of opportunities we offer.

EA is a supportive community with high academic standards and expectations for involvement where it is as safe to fail as it is to flourish.

There are unlimited opportunities here, and we look forward to helping you explore the value of the independent education we offer. Make an appointment with our admissions office today.

We look forward to meeting you!

Seth Hanford
Head of School