Charter vs. Private

Charter school vs. private school is often debated. Let’s examine some key points.

What is a charter school?

  • A charter school is a public school funded by public funds on per-student bases, usually an amount less than that applicable to non-charter students.
  • A charter school cannot charge tuition and enrollment is likely to be regulated by the school district or state charter district. Charter schools often have waiting lists for students wanting to attend, and a lottery may determine enrollment.
  • Charter schools are held to many of the same laws, regulations, and guidelines as regular public schools, such as Common Core Standards.  Although they are not required to follow all guidelines for public school curriculum, they are still held accountable by state testing. Charter schools that fail to demonstrate student academic progress may have their charter revoked by the authorizing district.
  • There is an actual contract for charter schools that is reviewed annually, and if the school fails to live up to the agreed upon expectations, the charter school may be dissolved. If you are considering a charter school near Barrington, Illinois or anywhere else within a 15-mile radius, consider Elgin Academy as a better alternative for your student’s education.

Why chose Elgin Academy as an independent (private School) school?

  • At Elgin Academy, we are focused on providing every student with a transformative learning experience while other schools are focused on meeting a specific set of standards. Although you could find a charter school near Barrington, Illinois, sending your child to our independent (private school) in Elgin will bring them greater rewards in their future.
  • When students graduate from Elgin Academy, they go forth as productive, conscientious, and mindful young people who continue to hone their understanding of world and self--a lifelong process that stands as the abiding gift of their Elgin Academy education. In addition to the great academic opportunity, students also have access to more specialized activities like art, music, and athletics.
  • At our private school, taking learning personally is the hallmark of the Elgin Academy experience and the ultimate effect of the deep relationships that flourish in our close-knit environment. It is these relationships that form the foundation of the engaged learning that can only happen in a challenging and supportive environment geared toward understanding and encouraging the best in each student.