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Hilltopper Hapenings

Hilltopper Happenings highlights the many ways Elgin Academy is inspiring students to be our creative, courageous, and compassionate future. Stories about our students, faculty, and programs are shared on our website.

See what's been happening with our Hilltoppers!

Middle School Baseball

Congratulations to the Elgin Academy Middle School baseball team who won their game earlier this week 11-8 against Northridge Prep. In addition to the outstanding team effort, Arman A. (8th grade) hit a home run! Congratulations Hilltoppers Baseball!

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Upper School students recently had an impromptu jam session with music teacher Mr. Wrightson on piano and Coach Pinson on electric guitar as they rehearsed for the upcoming annual concert which will be held at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, May 23. The theme of this year’s concert is “Music of the New Millennium.” Watch Video

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National French Contest

Congratulations to Ms. Dunoon’s French students for achieving medals and certificates in the National French Contest, sponsored by the American Association of French Teachers. This test is taken annually by thousands of students learning French.

Medal Winners:

  • Amanda A. (8th grade) -Silver Medal
  • Mia B. (8th grade) - Bronze Medal

Certificates of Honor Recipients:

  • Jonathan B. (8th grade) and Suzannah K. (8th grade)

Certificat de Merite Recipients:

  • 10th Graders - Mia Velasquez, Kaan Bruss, and Christopher Tacher
  • 8th Graders - Ella S. and Tessa L.
  • 7th Graders - Kellen S. and Sam B.
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Light & Color Paintings

Seventh grade physical science students recently demonstrated their deeper understanding of the interaction between light and pigments to create the conditions for color perception. They each created a Light & Color painting and in a darkened classroom, projected light through a spinning filter wheel. The different wavelengths of light created differential absorption and reflection to give the sensation of motion.

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Freshman Biology

Freshman biology students in Bud Mathieu’s class recently applied what they learned about the human circulatory system by measuring one another’s blood pressure. Using materials from the American Heart Association, they also learned life-saving techniques for adult and child CPR as well as for adults and children who are choking.

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