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Frank Hogan HOS  1975-1985

It is with sadness that we are contacting our school community to let you know of the passing of Frank J. Hogan III, Elgin Academy’s Headmaster from 1975-1985.  He died in California on the morning of June 27th surrounded by his family.


Mr. Hogan arrived on our campus at a critical moment in the Academy’s history.  After what had been a particularly turbulent period of time, Mr. Hogan’s decisive leadership was instrumental in raising academic standards, strengthening the sense of school community and spirit, and reinvigorating athletic and co-curricular programs. The quintessential independent school educator, Frank stayed connected to the Academy even after he moved on to become Head at Ransom Everglades School in Florida and the Latin School in Chicago. We were so pleased to be able to welcome him back to campus for our 175th anniversary celebration in 2014.  Mr. Hogan’s wife, Nancy, and their children were all an integral part of the EA community during Frank’s decade-long tenure, and our hearts go out to them as they grieve his loss.  We know that our alumni, past parent, and past faculty communities join us in acknowledging the life of such a remarkable Elgin Academy personality.


Please find below a link to Mr. Hogan’s obituary with details of the funeral arrangements which will take place in Chicago this coming week.



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Northern Minnesota J-Term

Who would guess that nearly 20 students and three teachers would choose to spend 5 days in the cold and snow of Northern Minnesota in January but that's exactly what is happening for the students in Elgin Academy's Northern Minnesota Wilderness Experience. During the January term course and in preparation for their trip north, the students have learned about the history and culture of the Ojibwe tribe (native to the area) and also honed their camping and winter survival skills.

Today in class, students carved and painted sticks they found during a recent field trip to Lord's Park. The sticks were used to play a traditional Ojibwe game of Snow Snake. The decorated sticks are launched down tracks carved in the ice. The straightest traveling stick wins.

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January Term Forensics Class

The January Term Forensics class, students performed DNA analysis utilizing the Electrophoresis machine that was generously donated by EAPA (Elgin Academy Parent Association) to the Science Department in 2020. Electrophoresis machines apply an electric charge to molecules, causing them to migrate towards their oppositely charged electrode. The technique is found in all research and clinical laboratories utilizing DNA and protein applications. And now it can also be found at EA. Very Cool!

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The Middle and Upper School students and faculty of Elgin Academy gathered on the quad in front of the Memorial Garden in two separate ceremonies to commemorate and remember the attacks that occurred 20 years before. Seth Hanford, Elgin Academy's Head of School, opened each ceremony by telling those who had gathered why they had chosen the location in front of the memorial garden dedicated to Andrew King, a 1977 Elgin Academy alum, who perished in the World Trade Center. His comments reflected on memories of Andrew and on what September 11th, 2001 and all the days that have followed should remind us. He suggested that on such a day of remembrance, we reflect on the individual and collective responsibility all of us share to create the world we want to live in.

During the ceremony, three members of the Elgin Academy faculty, Dan Raffety, Elizabeth Cooper-Mullin and Chris Roettger spoke about their experiences and memories on that day and three Elgin Academy students Jack Guyett, Brianna Suchyta, and Olivia Welsh read passages and poems. Videos of the ceremonies are posted below.

Upper School Ceremony

Middle School Ceremony

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Congratulations AP Scholars!

At the Upper School Assembly on September 7th, the following students were acknowledged at three different levels for their scholarship in Advanced Placement Testing. AP Tests are scored from 1- 5 with 5 being the highest score possible

AP Scholar (score 3+ on 3+ exams)

Fiona Boborci, Noelle Brown, Tommy Guyett, Natalie Jayne, Nikiel Karna, Brianna Suchyta

AP Scholar with Honor (score 3+ on 4+ exams, 3.25 average)

Delaney Reimer, Alex Sept, Carter Woltz

AP Scholar with Distinction (score 3+ on 5+ exams, 3.5 average)

Sophie Shanae Gould Dulabaum, Liza McHugh, Johnathan Peter Vogt

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Upper School Activities Fair

A little rain couldn't dampen the enthusiasm of the Upper School students during their 21/22 Activities Fair last Friday. The many Upper School clubs were represented for new and returning students to check out. Thanks to all the students and faculty/staff who quickly moved this outdoor event indoors when the rain started to fall.

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