notes from the hill podcast

Notes From the Hill is Elgin Academy's very own podcast which explores all aspects of the Elgin Academy community through interviews with the people who are a part of the Elgin Academy experience. Notes From the Hill allows listeners to hear directly from faculty, staff, administrators and even students about what's happening on campus, in the classrooms, and on the stage with more exciting topics to come.

STEAM Museum Coming to Lower School

In the latest episode of Elgin Academy's very own podcast, Notes From the Hill, Bonita is joined by Harry Gould, Lower School Director, and Linley Collins, First Grade Teacher and Lower School Science Department representative. Mr. Gould and Ms. Collins talk about the Lower School science curriculum, how STEAM is incorporated in the classroom, and the exciting STEAM Museum that is coming to Elgin Academy on March 11th.


A Conversation with Members of the Board of Trustees

In the latest episode of Notes From the Hill, Bonita is joined by Elgin Academy Trustees Rhonda Dwyer, Mike Warren, and Bill Padula to discuss why they chose to send their children to Elgin Academy, the importance of serving on the Board of Trustees, and what they would tell a prospective family about why they should send their children to Elgin Academy. 




Seth Hanford

For the past few years, Elgin Academy has held an event in January to signal the beginning of re-enrollment and to present our plans for the future. Because of the volume of group and individual events we have had this year with this very purpose in mind and the number of opportunities we have had to gather and discuss all sorts of issues, we decided to approach this a bit differently. Below is a link to a podcast featuring Bonita Goist and Seth Hanford discussing our strategic plan and describing many of our exciting thoughts about the future of Elgin Academy. There is also information on the strategic plan on the Elgin Academy website which relates to the topics discussed in the podcast; these pages will be updated periodically to keep all abreast of our strategic work.



Elgin Academy Theatre Productions Take Center Stage

Did you know that Mary Bayer, Elgin Academy's Upper School Theatre instructor, has directed every Upper School Theatre production (both the plays and musicals) for the last 14 years? That's a lot of decisions to be made as to what productions to stage to appeal to an audience that often ranges from preschoolers to grandparents.  In this month's podcast, Notes from the Hill, Bonita Goist speaks to Mary Bayer as well as senior, Jaden Tabak, about Upper School Theatre, their favorite roles, and just how Ms. Bayer decides what shows to stage each year.


Scuba J-Term Class Fish Dissection at the Shedd Aquarium

This episode features Upper School Director, Doug Sept, and EA instructors Jamie Lau and Bud Matthieu discussing Elgin Academy's latest innovative addition to the curriculum - January Term. J-Term is an interlude between 1st and 2nd semesters where Upper School students can expand their intellectual and geographic horizons by taking a study/travel course or test drive a career with an internship.


Class of 2016 with College Shirts

The college application process can be confusing and even scary! This episode of Notes from the Hill addresses several myths of the college application process.  Elgin Academy's own Dan Raffety, College Counselor, dispels the myths and gives hope that getting into college doesn't have to be scary.  In fact, it can actually be fun!