Amelia Deering

Elgin Academy 2017 | Dickinson College

Amelia Deering (Class of 2017) is a perfect example of the fulfillment of Elgin Academy's mission to inspire students to become our creative, courageous, and compassionate future.  Since coming to Elgin Academy in sixth grade, Amelia has taken advantage of nearly everything Elgin Academy had to offer to broaden her experiences and widen her view of the world.

Throughout her time at Elgin Academy, Amelia participated in every play and musical production, performed with the Improv group, played on the Middle and Upper School Volleyball team, led the Model United Nations team, participated in WYSE (World Youth in Science and Engineering) including a top five ranking in English at the state level, and won numerous awards through the Junior Classical League for her Latin and oratorical skills. 

Amelia Deering

"Amelia is without question a truly exceptional student who celebrates the joy of intellectual curiosity for its own sake. She has achieved remarkable academic success at the same time that she has pursued excellence and leadership opportunities in a wide range of co-curricular ventures" said Doug Sept, Director of the Upper School.

Amelia was named a National Merit Scholar (one of only 7500 awarded nation-wide) and was the class of 2017 Valedictorian.  She now studies History and German at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where she continues to perform in stage productions, is on the Dean's List and was inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta (the Freshman Honor Society). Amelia spent her junior year at the University of Bremen in Germany.

The most valuable knowledge I gained at Elgin Academy was not anything from a multiple-choice test. EA certainly taught me reading, writing, and arithmetic, but what made my experience stand out was the freedom and independence I was given to grow as both a scholar and a young adult.

When I first came to EA, various circumstances from my previous school meant that my first year of math would be a one-on-one course with the math teacher, Ms. Taylor. This pseudo-independent study would be impossible at almost any other school, and the trust that Ms. Taylor and the administration placed in me to do my work and come prepared every day showed me from an early age how to manage my own time and live up to high expectations.

In high school I embarked on two independent studies exploring different aspects of German Studies, a passion I had, until then, pursued on my own time as EA does not have a German program. In both cases I was given complete control over the content and goals of the course, supported in every decision I made, and steered in the right direction when my plans went awry.

Entering college, many of my new friends were disoriented by the amount of unscheduled time they had during the day, as well as the amount of independent work most college courses require. Though I certainly kept myself busy at EA, the culture of freedom and self-determination meant that I had always felt in control of my time and endeavors, and therefore felt much more prepared to manage my time in college.

As a result of my Elgin Academy experience, I am a confident, driven young adult ready to make my own choices and live life on my own terms.

Ameila Deering ‘17
Teacher and Student
Ameila on stage