lower school student in ElginCarter Woltz

Elgin Academy 2022

Middle school students engage in Project-Based Learning (PBL) or “learning by doing.” In the PBL, Seed to Salad, students designed and planted a vegetable garden, creating a sustainable distribution plan that resulted in summer produce donated to homeless shelters and fall harvests consumed by our students in our dining hall. Not only did this project develop learning, but it also raised social consciousness as the good work of students directly impacted the lives of others.

PBLs are a cool way to learn. Seed to Salad was a fun project that let us collaborate with other students and the community. It was a productive way to increase awareness of the environment. What I liked best, however, was that we got to donate the summer produce to a local food charity. It feels good to help out others.

Carter Woltz ‘22


Students from independent lower school growing community garden