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Elgin Academy 2020 and Beyond

Information will be shared here about Elgin Academy 2020 and Beyond and how Elgin Academy will evolve and adapt to meet the ever-changing educational environment and the exciting new initiatives that will create an environment for EA to build on our many strengths and explore new opportunities. This 180 year old community has always evolved with the changing educational environment and innovated to give our students every opportunity to become our creative, courageous, and compassionate future.   

Seth Hanford

For the past few years, Elgin Academy has held an event in January to signal the beginning of re-enrollment and to present our plans for the future. Because of the volume of group and individual events we have had this year with this very purpose in mind and the number of opportunities we have had to gather and discuss all sorts of issues, we decided to approach this a bit differently. Below is a link to a podcast featuring Bonita Goist and Seth Hanford discussing our strategic plan and describing many of our exciting thoughts about the future of Elgin Academy. There is also information on the strategic plan on the Elgin Academy website which relates to the topics discussed in the podcast; these pages will be updated periodically to keep all abreast of our strategic work.

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Elgin Academy 2020 and Beyond

On December 11th, Tiffany Wells, Director of Admission and Marketing, and Bonita Goist, Senior Marketing and Outreach Coordinator gave a presentation to the EA community detailing Elgin Academy's current Admission and Marketing strategies. We have compiled a summary of the presentation as well as suggestions for further marketing and community outreach opportunities (which were given in discussion groups held after the presentation). Here is a link to the summary. In addition, the Powerpoint presentation is also included for review by those who were unable to attend.

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EA Classrooms old and new

Back in 1839 when the charter for Elgin Academy was written, things were much different than they are today. There were no cars, no telephones (smart or otherwise), and students did their school work on tablets but, admittedly, not the kind of tablets Elgin Academy students use now.

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