Elgin Academy 2020 and Beyond


Our Ongoing Process

The board strives to ensure our strategic plan is a living document and therefore reviews our progress and new ideas on a yearly basis through both its strategic planning committee and its standing committees. We will continue to report on this work to the community via this web site and our other typical methods of communication.


As we do so, our decisions are guided by the following philosophy:

We strive to be the premier PS-12 school in providing innovative, meaningful experiences for our students and families.

Inclusive, features the widest possible variety of opportunities and continually innovates to provide new ones, students are best prepared to be active participants in their learning and lead lives of creativity, courage and compassion because of the experiences they’ve had here, life-long dedication to their health, fitness, a healthy attitude about health and sleep, mental health, opportunities for parents, alums and the community to engage with the school in fulfilling ways.


Marine Biology J-Term Class


We strive to have the best environment for faculty, coaches and advisors.

Where they can teach without bureaucracy, are rewarded for change, free to pursue our characteristics of professional excellence, paid fairly, grow as professionals, no matter their tenures, guided by the creation of experiences for their students and thinking increasingly about how to provide them fulfilling leadership opportunities where they learn from each other.


Upper School art class


We strive to have the most comprehensive athletic and co-curricular programs.

Co-curricular, not extra-curricular, programs that emphasize skill development, importance of teamwork, the importance of participating in something bigger than one’s self, teaches leadership actively, and embraces service to others.


Middle School Food Drive


We strive to have the optimal physical plant and organizational emphasis to support experiential learning in and out of the classroom.

A plan for our future to improve our facility and to allocate the maximum number of dollars to the student experience and has a fundraising arm that stewards donors, compellingly making the case for annual and long-term giving.


Middle School Idea Lab