There is no question in our minds that we made the right decision to send our daughter to Elgin Academy for high school. She has received an outstanding academic education and has participated in so many activities that we don't think would have been possible at other schools. These activities have helped her grow in so many ways and have really helped to prepare her to be successful in college. Parents of a senior

My Elgin Academy education was the single greatest gift my parents could have ever given me. Yes, it's about the experiences I had here, but more so it's about who I've become as a result. That is the greatest gift. Val Scimeca ‘16, Alumni

EA fosters independent thinking skills in the classrooms and the capacity to continue to learn for life. Teachers at EA have a good relationship with their students and provide them opportunities to choose topics, which stimulates their interests and eagerness to learn. Having appropriate choices give students ownership of their own learning and feel empowered by it. An EA education afforded my son the level of autonomy that he would not have had if he were not in this type of environment. He learned to be in charge of his own learning under the guidance of a great faculty and develop into a responsible and autonomous learner. Cristy Basa, Parent

Teacher-student relationship at Elgin Academy

The overall environment and feel at Elgin Academy has been caring and supportive. That environment has allowed our daughter to grow as a student, a leader, and as an active member of society. In addition, the teachers at Elgin Academy have been invaluable resources to our daughter in the college application process and in making a choice that is a good fit for her. Roger and Wendy Vernon, Parents

EA gave our kids an edge. Our three EA students who have graduated from college did so with honors and each is independent, successful financially, and happy with their jobs and grad school. The ‘EA edge’ came from 4 things: 1) rigorous writing – they were ready for college level work, 2) deep experience speaking in front of groups and adults – they are confident presenters and collaborators and able to work successfully with professors, 3) challenging schedules – all that sports / heavy homework etc. pays off when they are away in a different place and able to manage a hectic semester, 4) comfort with seminar structured learning – they can enter a room with a conference table, and confidently take a seat to discuss a topic. We expect the same from our fourth who is ready to leave for college shortly! Christine and Jim Stone, Parents

Our daughter loves school. She enjoys all subjects and how her buddies in the higher grade levels really make her feel she is a part of the whole student body, not just 1st grade. Parent of a 1st Grader


young student at Elgin Academy

EA provides an open environment for learning. Teachers encourage students to talk and write about what they are learning. They are encouraged to do group projects and work on real-world projects. They are allowed to make up their own minds and engage in discussions that get them to think deeply about concepts they are learning. This environment improves learning, develop student’s communication skills and increase their self-confidence. Because of all of these factors, my son does not shy away in trying new opportunities presented to him. He has had opportunities to work with several companies through his independent studies, which gave him the experience to integrate his passion in marine science, media, and communications at Shedd Aquarium. Parent of a senior

The value of Elgin Academy is in its families- we are like-minded in that we are confident our sons and daughters will attend college and that the best education includes an academic triangle of academics, sports and arts. Kimberley Bohenick, parent of two EA students

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My child was diagnosed with ADHD in fourth grade, and I immediately began to worry about how he would survive in college. But once he started attending EA, he began to developed self-confidence in his abilities because of the academic environment. There were definitely challenges along the way, but he was able to persist because of the support of his teachers and his peers. He was able to see the connection between effort and success in his schoolwork. Encouragement from his teachers helped him realize that success lies in a pattern of small accomplishments. Now as he prepares to head off to college, I can look back on how far he has come. He has been empowered to learn and I know he will continue to do well and grow in confidence. Parent of a senior

Small class sizes, in addition to highly qualified faculty, have truly benefitted my son all throughout his education. In small classes, fewer students mean more one-on-one attention from their teachers. Every student has their own learning styles and having a small classroom allows the teacher to adapt to the student’s needs and provide the support they need to be successful. The teachers are able to encourage students to make decisions about how they learn best. It also allows the students to be active participants and engaged in their learning. Parent of a freshman



students conducting science project at independent high school Bartlett

At EA, risk-taking is built into the rigorous learning environment in which each student is challenged. My son has learned that often times, he learns more from mistakes and overcoming obstacles. Parent of an Upper School Student

EA’s small-scale classrooms have benefited our children. You can do the calculations easily. Whether you are in your second year of college level calculus as a senior at EA or in European history, when you are with a class of 10 – rough math says a teacher will have 22 minutes per student a week. When you are with a class of 20, that number drops to 12, a class of 30 (common in our public school) the number is 7 minutes. If you look at it from the teacher’s perspective – how hard is it to make eye contact with 10 kids and confirm everyone understands a concept? How much time does it take to check in with 30? There is a natural excellence that comes with the expert in the room having more time to share insight and make sure everyone is catching on. It plays out in all classes – from math to writing to the arts. Christine and Jim Stone, Parents

In our public school, it would have been impossible for our children to play a sport and be in a musical because of coaches / directors who expect you to specialize. At EA, our kids all played multiple sports, were in plays, volunteered, wrote for publications, and competed in academic events. They might not have even made the public high school team or play. With 1,000 in a class, the odds of making a sports team are long, and many high school public actors count themselves lucky to make one cast in high school. The first step to achievement is access. Parent of three EA Alumni

soccer team practicing at independent upper school Streamwood

When we decided to send our son to upper school four years ago, our goal for him at that time was for him to be able to learn to own up to his responsibilities as a student, and most importantly, to learn to be an advocate for himself before he goes to college. The four years in upper school gave him that practice to gain the skills needed to know how, when, and who to ask for help in order to be accountable for his education. This does not mean that he will not make any mistakes or go through challenges in college, but rather, when he gets into this situation, I am confident that he has the skills he needs to handle and cope with the setbacks and be able to get back on track. Parent of a senior