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The Transformative Nature of Elgin Academy

A recent article in Quintessential Barrington magazine captures the essence of the transformative nature of an Elgin Academy education.

Here is an excerpt:

“Families who are willing to invest in their child’s education know that an Elgin Academy education develops the whole child. As a “process school” the focus is on the whole student and his or her interests, not just on academics... Students are encouraged to explore interests outside of school including volunteering and activism, which helps them find their voice. Students are encouraged to think outside the box and to take responsibility for their education.”

If you weren’t already convinced of the value of an Elgin Academy education, you will be after you read the article.


4th Graders Celebrate "My Wish For You"

Ms. Ryan's Fourth Grade students, in collaboration with their parents, siblings, relatives, and Special Area teachers, helped create individual mini-quilts.

Focusing on the transition to Middle School, the theme for each quilt was:
My Wish For You

The quilt theme was a strong one in the Fourth Grade class this year as it aligned with the focus on pioneers living on the prairie, pioneers heading West, and the history and special memories associated with creating quilts by close-knit families and community.

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Lower School Students Study Matisse

On April 10th in Lower School Art class, Ms. Sala talked about Henri Matisse and read a book about the influential artist in preparation for using his work as a reference to create their own works of art. She also encouraged the students to take a few seconds to relax and breathe before beginning their own art projects. E-Learning at EA isn't just about academics, our students are also getting to use their creativity to explore the beauty in the world.

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EA Band Uses App to Practice Music

E-Learning at Elgin Academy is happening in the Fine Arts Department, too! Music Education (the company that supports our band program) is using an app to keep our band students in top musical form. It’s called New Smart Music and is typically a purchased app but they are waiving costs for now. Each student sets up an account using a specific code provided by their teacher. The teacher has their music assignments for the week loaded in and a due date assigned. The student plays and their music records. The app shows in color-coding what sections they need to work on. When the student is ready, they submit their recording and the teacher can listen to the assignment and provide individual feedback. How awesome is that?

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Maly Participates in Town Hall Webinar

At the end of March, Elgin Academy Preschool teacher Amy Maly participated in an ISACS sponsored town hall webinar with 250 other Early Childhood instructors who gathered together (virtually) to collaborate on teaching the youngest of our learners in meaningful ways. Elgin Academy's E-Learning curriculum extends to even our youngest students in Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten.

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