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The Transformative Nature of Elgin Academy

A recent article in Quintessential Barrington magazine captures the essence of the transformative nature of an Elgin Academy education.

Here is an excerpt:

“Families who are willing to invest in their child’s education know that an Elgin Academy education develops the whole child. As a “process school” the focus is on the whole student and his or her interests, not just on academics... Students are encouraged to explore interests outside of school including volunteering and activism, which helps them find their voice. Students are encouraged to think outside the box and to take responsibility for their education.”

If you weren’t already convinced of the value of an Elgin Academy education, you will be after you read the article.


Elgin Academy WYSE Competition Team

The day before Spring Break, the Upper School Worldwide Youth in Science & Engineering team competed at the Sectional competition held at Northern Illinois University. The team secured Elgin Academy's sixth consecutive Sectional Championship, winning 589 out of 500 points, and several students received individual medals.  Congratulations Kristina Beligratis, Madigan Boborci, Candace Feng, Neha Karna, Haolin Liu, Jack Peak, Danielle LaVigne , Ethan Moore, Christopher Perez, Jaden Tabak, Joseph Hargrave, and Shiraz Baxamusa. 

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Elgin Academy Theatre Stages Radium Girls

The Elgin Academy Fine Arts Department staged Radium Girls in two performances the first weekend in March. Twenty-two Upper School cast members, playing multiple roles, presented this tragic yet uplifting true story. The play based on the book Radium Girls by D. W. Gregory follows the lives of several young women who suffered the effects of radium poisoning after several years of employment painting watch and clock dials with the luminous chemical. These women banded together and fought to have their voices heard and their pain acknowledged by the Radium Dial Corporation, the company that was responsible for their incurable illnesses. Although the national version of the play featured the circumstances for a group of women in Orange, New Jersey, Ms. Bayer adapted the EA presentation to include a group of women who worked for Radium Dial Corporation in Ottawa, Illinois.

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Middle School Students in Central Park

Kudos to MS Director Mrs. Revak and teachers Ms. Taylor and Ms. Janik who chaperoned the Middle School Spring Break trip to Boston and New York City. The whirlwind excursion offered numerous historical and cultural experiences. In Boston, the students visited many historical sights that brought to life their studies of the American Revolutionary War. In New York City, they rode the subway, saw Beautiful: The Carole King Musical,  took in the view from the top of the Empire State Building, and explored Central Park. Of course, there was time for souvenir shopping and enjoying the local eateries. 

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Elgin Academey Students participating in Outreach 360 in the Dominican Republic

The first week of spring break thirty-two Upper School students participated in Elgin Academy's weeklong service-learning trip. This year the students, under the supervision of US Spanish teacher Senora Rusniak and 4th-Grade teacher Ms. Bolz, traveled to the town of Monte Cristi in the Dominican Republic. They joined other volunteers from Outreach360, a non-profit organization that facilitates service-learning trips for American high school groups, to teach English literacy to children.

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Elgin Academy's winning Battle of the Books Team

Our Battle of The Books (BOB) team is in the news again! They finished the 2018-2019 BOB season in first place in a crowded field of 40 teams from the local area schools!  In addition to the top honors, they received the following awards:  

  • 80 Point Club - for scoring at least 80 points in all six matches. 
  • 500 Point Club - for completing the season with over 500 points (they finished with 514 points)
  • Perfect 90 Award - for earning the maximum number of points (90) in a single round.

Congratulations to Coach Ms. Schick and fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade students Sam Amante, Rory Brown, Kaan Bruss, Omar Garcia, Quinten Gillus, Gianna Hughes, Jayen Jaitley, Nella Ksiag, Malyada Medikundam, Om Patel, and Ben Wegrzyn.

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4th grade

Fourth-grade teacher Ms. Bolz knows the value of having her students study America's national parks. The parks are teeming with lessons that connect to history, science, geography, math, literature, the arts, and more. Every year each fourth-grade student selects a national park and does extensive research on that park. The students are required to prepare a presentation to be given to their classmates. These reports allow the students to learn from one another.

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MS and US Spring

On March 13th, Middle and Upper School Choirs, under the direction of Ms. Cinquemani Thomas, presented This Little Light of Mine: Traditional African American Spirituals.  The evening was entertaining and a learning experience for the audience as educational videos were interspersed between musical selections to document the role of spiritual music in the lives of slaves, Congratulations to our music students on a concert that beautifully blended music and history.

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Elgin Academy Pi Formation on Pi Day

March 14th is better known as Pi Day at Elgin Academy as students in all divisions pay homage to 3.14 or Pi. Ms. Nasser's middle school students were especially busy with Pi activities. In the Upper School, Director Doug Sept, a former math teacher, challenged US students to contest to see who could write the most digits of Pi. Unfortunately for Mr. Sept, he lost the contest to his son, Alex, and as a result, Alex got to "pie" his dad. We captured the moment on video. 

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