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Busy Fall for Director of Personalized Learning

In the last few months, Anne-Elise Parker, Director of Personalized Learning, has been busy providing academic, social, and emotional support to students. 

In late August and early September, Mrs. Parker's time was spent getting to know students and their families. She accomplished this by attending divisional assemblies and Parent Nights and visiting classrooms and advisories. Middle and Upper school students completed a "Needs Assessment," essentially a quick survey about themselves and how they were feeling about the start of the school year.

In mid-September, Mrs. Parker began meeting with Middle and Upper School Advisory groups to provide social and emotional guidance and support learning. She also visited a few Lower School classrooms to give lessons on empathy and friendship. She presented time management skills to freshman during their study hall time, and she was invited by Mrs. Lau to talk with AP Chemistry students about growth mindset.

In September, Mrs. Parker also started meeting with students individually. She will continue to connect with students who need support around social, emotional, academic, or personal concerns. Middle and Upper school students have access to an online request form, which they can complete at any time should they feel they need to speak with her. Lower School students can be referred by a parent or teacher to speak with Mrs. Parker as required.

In October, Mrs. Parker began offering optional small group sessions for all divisions. Three to eight students of the same grade or divisional level meet informally with Mrs. Parker to talk about a shared topic of concern or interest. Participating students may learn new skills, practice new behaviors, and connect with their peers. Parents who have questions about small groups, or would like their child to participate in small group counseling, should contact Mrs. Parker.

Mrs. Parker is extending her professional expertise beyond Elgin Academy. In October, she spoke to the Barrington Chamber of Commerce on "Perfectionism and Anxiety in Children," and she gave the same talk to the public at the Gail Borden Library.

Royalty Visits Fifth Graders

Any EA fifth grader can tell you that King Hammurabi once ruled ancient Babylon in Mesopotamia. They are also likely to share that he is most famous for a series of judgments inscribed on a large stone and dubbed Hammurabi's Code.  Students learn about life in Babylonian society through the many edicts handed down by King Hammurabi. They gain an understanding of the biases of the Code against women and towards people who commit crimes against the church and the upper class. 

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Hilltoppers Entertained by Yale University Spizzwinks(?)

On Thursday, October 18th the Spizzwinks, a male a cappella group from Yale University, brought their unique blend of music and humor to Elgin Academy.  Their repertoire included an eclectic range of songs—everything from Ed Sheeran, to the Beatles to Bruno Mars. The a cappella concert also included a few Yale classics and a touch of tongue-in-cheek humor.

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New PS -4th Grade Reading Initiative

Our prekindergarten through grade three teachers are introducing a new reading Venture called Fountas & Pinnell this year. The program, which will develop up into grade four next year, aligns nicely with EA's taking learning personally approach to education. This guided reading initiative developed by educators Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell allows classroom teachers to identify specific goals and plan instruction that supports each child's reading progress across the school year.  

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Middle School Advisories Reflect on the EA Mission

What is courage?  Is it only defined by grand gestures like saving a person from a burning building? Or can acts of courage be found in the daily experiences in our classrooms or in our social and emotional interactions? 

middle school students are pondering questions about courage during the school's newly reconfigured advisory program. The advisory period has been moved from morning to later in the day and lengthened to 20 minutes for the purpose of enriching our middle school students' learning experiences. 

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inspiring students to become our creative courageous and compassionate future

One of the most exciting outcomes of our 2018 Strategic Plan was the development of a revitalized mission statement that accurately reflects who we are as well as where we are going.  We believe that in compelling and concise words, the statement re-affirms the more traditional ideals of Elgin Academy and captures the school's more contemporary ethos.

We are grateful to all those constituents who played a role in the development of this elegant statement of what makes Elgin Academy so exceptional.

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 Sumedha Surubhotla

We offer our congratulations to seventh-grader Sumedha Surubhotla who has successfully graduated with distinction from Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, India in collaboration with Silicon Andhra University, California  in 'Telugu as Foreign Language'. This is a structured Indian language course that gives an innate view of not only the language, but also associates one with the culture and lifestyle of those speaking that language.

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