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Differentiated Experience

We provide a differentiated educational experience where all students can realize and fulfill their potential in a supportive, values-aligned community and be equipped to pursue their passions and make a positive impact on the world.For many students, school mostly means a teacher standing at the front of a class imparting facts and information to students sitting in rows. We make learning active. Our teachers prepare our students to know the content as well as work with it, apply it, test it, and ultimately build upon it. That’s why we incorporate project-based learning at every level of our school. We use projects and demonstrations to prove knowledge as well as cultivate the ability to innovate.

At Elgin Academy, we know students learn differently and a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not effective.

We incorporate social emotional learning into our curriculum to prepare our students for their future. We use an evidence-based approach developed at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence which cultivates critical skills for students to identify their emotions and understand their influence on decision making. By having more respect and understanding when engaging with their environment these students will make wiser decisions to achieve their goals now and as adults.

“The class sizes are smaller, and my daughter gets to know the teachers very well. She is not just a number. They know her name.” 

Current EA Parent

Intentionally Small Class Sizes

With an average student/teacher ratio of 12:1, our intentionally smaller class sizes ensure no student ‘falls through the cracks.’