Early Childhood

Harnessing children’s natural curiosity

At ages three and four, learning and play go hand-in-hand.

And it is the particular expertise of our Elgin Academy early childhood teachers to intermingle the two in just the right amounts, at just the right intervals, so our youngest students not only love coming to school each day, but learn the foundational concepts upon which they’ll build their intellectual and interpersonal lives.

The alphabet, numbers, plants and animals, days of the week—these cover some of our tangible content. Our abiding challenge is to make the learning of these and all new concepts meaningful, relevant, and joyful to each child, which begins with knowing that child on a personal level.

private preschool teacher reading book to class of 10

Once we establish that core relationship of trust and caring with each child, just about anything is possible. French lessons, art and music forays, and thoughtful library visits punctuate your child’s week at EA, where all the while he’s learning to interact collaboratively with others, to express original ideas, to puzzle out problems, and to start to understand himself even at this early age.

Taking learning personally starts with understanding the amazing mind and spirit residing within each of those small preschool and pre-kindergarten bodies. And continues by constantly encouraging the intrinsic motivation to learn—that most powerful gift and impulse that resides within us all.