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International student walking with two teachers in front of Rider Center.


Elgin Academy welcomes students from around the world to study in our 7th-12th grade program! The foundational goal of the International Student Program is to extend our academic offerings to students outside of the United States whose academic interests and educational goals align with Elgin Academy’s mission.

Elgin Academy limits the international student program to only a select few students each year to ensure cultural integration, language development, and academic growth within our intimately scaled classes. Additionally, required participation in athletics, opportunities to perform in the fine arts program, and engagement with student organizations, clubs, and social activities provide a well-rounded educational experience for all domestic and international students.

When their friendships cross demographic divides, both visiting students and their local classmates learn to deeply value new cultures, customs, and traditions while gaining a global perspective.


Director Of International Studies

Bachelor of Arts, Northern Illinois University
Master of Science, Northern Illinois University

Katie, along with her family, lived in China for a total of 10 years where she developed a passion for cross-cultural communication and student exchange. She speaks conversational Mandarin. Since returning from China, Katie has worked enthusiastically with the international student community at Elgin Academy. From interview to graduation, Katie helps each student adjust to the new school environment and encourages each student to become a part of the school community. She oversees all international admission, academic and personal advising, host family placement, and international student culture.