Project Based Learning

A Middle School students tackle tough questions through Project Based Learning (PBL). Each year an essential question is asked and Middle School students conduct extensive research to develop real-world solutions. Students work together in their teams to solve the problem culminating in presentations to panels of experts, sharing with the EA community. PBL actively engages students, empowering them to be self-directed, independent learners. While developing skills requiring critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving and self-efficacy, students are preparing themselves not only for Upper School and college, but ultimately for careers and life.

Previous PBL Questions

Endangered No More
How can we develop a recovery plan of action to save an animal species currently on the critically endangered list?  

Educate & Activate: Pulling Together to End Poverty
How can we make an impact in the fight against poverty by actively addressing one of its symptoms in the Elgin community?

Majority Cry, Minority Reply  
How can we help to solve a problem in a majority (low-income) country by creating an invention/system which serves a basic human need?

From Seed to Salad- Growing for Good
How can we design and create a sustainable school garden that appeals to EA students now and in the future?