Co-Curricular Opportunities

Elgin Academy’s Upper School offers a number of co-curricular opportunities that appeal to a wide variety of interests. In choosing co-curricular clubs and activities students should think about where their energies, time, and talents can be engaged most productively. In addition, commitments should be made with an eye toward putting together the strongest possible profile to present for college admission. When reviewing co-curricular activities, colleges look for depth and leadership in an area, not breadth ; therefore, students are encouraged to be passionate about a few commitments as opposed to being on the periphery of many organizations.

Below you’ll find short descriptions of a number of the co-curricular opportunities available at EA. Note that this may not be a comprehensive list due to the fluid nature of offerings based upon the needs and desires of the Upper School community. Each co-curricular activity is largely student driven with the support of at least one faculty sponsor. New organizations can be created when student interest and faculty resources allow for additions.

Co-curricular Opportunities for Upper School Students