US Student Trips

At Elgin Academy we recognize that invaluable lessons are learned outside the classroom. Our upper school trip week program, at the beginning of the school year, is an essential component of experiential learning for our students. Our trip program is designed to offer an array of cultural, historical, recreational, and real-world learning opportunities to enrich our students learning experiences.

Since the early 1990s, the upper school has devoted an entire week to overnight class trips. Two trips offer experiential and outdoor education experiences. Our ninth graders travel to Boulder Junction, Wisconsin to take advantage of opportunities offered by Camp Manito-Wish. Sophomores travel to Minnesota to see the State Fair and to learn about the rich cultural heritage of St. Paul. Junior class students can either participate in the most rigorous of our trips, a guided canoe trip down the Namekagon River in Wisconsin, or take an extensive road trip to visit several colleges. Our seniors, who will soon apply to college, also visit colleges during trip week, but they traveled with their parents.

There is added value to trip week experiences for all students that go beyond the educational component. Students come to know each other (and the faculty and divisional administrators) in a less informal setting than the classroom as they work collaboratively on a variety of activities. This bonding is an invaluable part of Elgin Academy’s taking learning personally experience. Additionally, whether through individual or group pursuits, students are actively problem solving and working on leadership skills as they overcoming intellectual and physical challenges.

Finally, the success of Trip Week is attributed to the teachers, staff, and administrators who accompany our students to their various destinations. These individuals honor their taking learning personally commitment to students by willingly giving their time to enrich the overall educational experience for middle and upper school students.

students canoeing on Lake Michigan from private learning academy