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The overall environment and feel at Elgin Academy has been caring and supportive. It allowed our daughter to grow as a student, leader, and active member of society. In addition, the teachers at Elgin Academy have been invaluable resources to our daughter in the college application process and in making a choice that is a good fit for her.

– Parents of a Recent Graduate

Why taking learning personally matters to your child.

As an intentionally small school, understanding the feel of Elgin Academy—our campus and our classrooms, yes, but primarily our people and our pedagogy—is vastly important to you as a prospective family.

Here, taking learning personally is more than a credo—it defines our promise to each and every student and family who calls EA home.

Our classes remain small to ensure we know, listen, and respond to the voice of every child. Instead of finding cracks to fall through, our students cement relationships that build character, bravery, discipline, and trust over their time here.

We help each student discover and pursue her emerging passions and interests—which can run the gamut from environmental science to social justice, international relations to sports medicine to videography— and our teachers, who know her exceedingly well, also know just how to inspire her to new heights. We closely follow—and, when needed, guide—her amazing progression from curious, wide-eyed preschooler to poised, articulate senior ready to make her mark on the world.

And just as we insist our classes unfold as vivid conversations rather than rote lectures, we invite you into a conversation about how your family might fit at Elgin Academy. By far the best way to get that all-important feel for us is through a visit and a tour, which you can arrange through our Admission Office.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about EA. We hope to meet you soon.


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