Affording EA

Tuition Personalized to Your Family

Elgin Academy has traditionally regarded tuition as a mission-driven investment in the future of our students. As a result, we provide a tuition approach that is personal and equitable for all families. Our goal is to ensure the availability of EA’s differentiated experience is not inaccessible to some qualified students solely because of cost.

We realize you place a high priority on your child’s education. Through this process, we get to know your family so we can truly find the best financial fit. Contact our office to find out more about investing in an independent school education for your child.

Personalized Tuition in Action

At Elgin Academy, we strive for diversity on our campus, which includes varying socio-economic statuses. Our personalized tuition enables us to find the best financial fit for families so we can provide students with the value of an independent education and the differentiated experience that is Elgin Academy.  To learn more email

Income Ranges of Families who Qualify for Tuition Adjustments

Income Ranges of Families who Qualify for Tuition Adjustments

We take your financial situation, including income, into consideration to determine tuition adjustments and your family’s investment in an EA education.

My Elgin Academy education was the single greatest gift my parents could have ever given me. Yes, it's about the experiences I had here, but more so it's about who I've become as a result. That is the greatest gift. Val Scimeca, EA Alumnae & Stanford University

Become a Hilltopper

When you're ready to join the Elgin Academy community, take a look at our application process and learn more about applying online. 

Elgin Academy, as a private 501(c)(3) educational organization and as an ISACS fully accredited educational entity, provides equal admission and access and opportunities to all students currently enrolled at EA and to students seeking enrollment at the Academy. Elgin Academy does not discriminate against any person or class of persons based on disability, race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation or in any other manner prohibited by either federal or state law. The Elgin Academy admissions policy is dictated by our implementation and usage of our mission statement as a guiding principle to the operation of the school.