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We are committed to making an Elgin Academy education affordable. We realize the impact Covid-19 has had on all aspects of peoples' lives.Tthe Elgin Academy Board of Trustees has approved additional funding opportunities to make EA more affordable for your family. Please contact us to discuss tuition options.


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Amazing school that Aaron Kirk attends! Not only are his studies being handled by great teachers that care and meet with him for class and also have office hours for any help he might need, a social worker that does blogs to make sure all families have an outlet for questions, college counseling still being handled and meetings scheduled, an advisor that is always available, an Admin Team that has given countless hours to keep his education at the forefront....but also an athletic support that is amazing! Team meetings, group time, added support for psyche! I am Blessed to have my son at ELGIN ACADEMY! I am so glad that he has grown up in a community school that is committed to supporting his lifelong learning. Thank you to all that have given of your time talents and passion I am grateful. I would always choose Elgin Academy to guide my son. It has been so much more than just an education journey.

Sandy Kirk, Parent of an 11th grader