International Applicants

Providing a global perspective

Elgin Academy not only takes learning personally but also understands the importance of cultivating strong personal relationships across a diverse student body—including international students from a variety of countries. When their friendships cross demographic divides, both visiting students and their local classmates learn to deeply value new cultures, customs, and traditions while gaining a global perspective.

We limit our program to only a select few international students each year to ensure cultural integration and language development within our intimately scaled classes, our required participation in athletics, opportunities to perform in the fine arts program, and intentional engagement with numerous student organizations, clubs, and social activities.

Providing a home away from home

Host families are typically EA families with students attending our upper school. Elgin Academy conducts comprehensive background checks on potential host parents, carefully considers the international student’s personality and preferences through the matching process, and remains in close communication with each family to ensure a good experience for our visiting students.

Host families support international students as they adjust to a new culture, a second language, and an unfamiliar school. Host parents work with their student’s teachers to make sure he or she is academically successful and help facilitate social activities, athletic participation, involvement in clubs, and other activities.

Most importantly, a home environment immerses visiting students in conversational English and ensures an enriching cultural experience. Many of our placements grow into close relationships between host parents and children—friendships that last for years and deepen with time.

And the journey continues…

Because we hope to be only the first step on an extraordinary adventure, Elgin Academy prepares our international students for highly selective and academically competitive colleges and universities and connects them with recruiters from schools all over the country. Our counselors advise international students through all stages of the college application process, from selecting appropriate schools and preparing for standardized tests to acquiring financial aid.

Students also receive individual guidance in compiling application materials, transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation, and are allowed access to Naviance, an Internet-based management system that tracks their progress through this long and complex journey.

International Student Application Process

Application Process

International students may apply for grades 7-10.

  • Age Restriction: To be considered for admission, applicants must be no older than 19 years of age at the time of graduation.
  • Complete the online inquiry.
  • Submit completed application online and the application fee $50.00 US dollars.
  • Submit two teacher recommendations from Math and English teachers.
  • Submit report cards/transcripts for the two most recently completed school years. Must be translated into English and notarized for accuracy.
  • Submit a Release of Records form to the applicant’s current school and supply a copy to Elgin Academy.
  • Submit TOEFL, iTEP, SLATE or ISEE exam results for English proficiency scores.
  • Submit ISEE exam results.
  • Submit proof of applicant’s identity.
  • Out of country/state applicants schedule a SKYPE interview with the Elgin Academy Admission Director.

Once all steps are completed, and an official admission decision is made, the Admission Director notifies the parents. If the student is accepted, an Enrollment Agreement Contract will be issued to be signed by the student’s parents or legal guardians. This agreement needs to be returned with a non-refundable $1,300 deposit before Elgin Academy can issue an I-20.

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2018-2019 International Student Tuition

International students may apply for grades 7-10.

After international applicants have been officially accepted for admission, their non-refundable deposit of $1,300 (along with their signed contract) will secure their place in class. The deposit will be deducted from their total amount owed. I-20 Preparation and ELL Classes are included for Grades 9-12. Hosting (home stay) is optional for Grades 7-12.

Tuition and Fees for Grades 7-8

  • Without Hosting: $26,060 (per grade, per student)
  • With Hosting: $34,620 (per grade, per student)

Tuition and Fees for Grades 9-11

  • Without Hosting: $32,980 (per grade, per student)
  • With Hosting: $41,540 (per grade, per student)

Tuition and Fees for Grade 12

  • Without Hosting: $31,910 (per grade, per student)
  • With Hosting: $40,470 (per grade, per student)

Tuition and fees are less for 12th grade because 12th grades do not attend trip week.

New Family Heritage Fee: $2,500

(One-time fee for new international families; not included in above listed fees)

Textbooks are not included in the above fees.

Tuition and Fees for international students includes I-20 processing, ELL classes, and host family fee unless the applicant has made alternative housing arrangements. Additional student fees are not listed. Download a comprehensive description of 2018-2019 Tuition and Fees.

All international students that are accepted for admission must secure their own health insurance prior to arriving at Elgin Academy. Download details