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As you browse our website you will notice a few themes:

Students learn at their highest potential when they are educated in a manner that allows them to take ownership of their learning.

Elgin Academy is dedicated to supporting each student’s individual growth intellectually, creatively, athletically, and independently, allowing students to have an active role in the overall process.

Elgin Academy supports each of our students as they develop into the best version of themselves, prepared for the world beyond our campus.

Likewise, we are here to support your child and family as your educational journey begins with the decision to select the highest quality learning environment: Elgin Academy.

There's so much to learn about Elgin Academy. We invite you to check it out! 

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Learn what students, alumni, faculty, and parents have to say about their Elgin Academy experience.

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When you're ready to join the Elgin Academy community, take a look at our application process and learn more about applying online. 

Personal Q&A

An important aspect of our Admissions process is the personal conversation with Elgin Academy's Admissions staff. Our Admissions staff led by Bonita Gost, Director of Admissions and Marketing, is available for one-on-one question and answer sessions every day. Making the decision of where to send your child to school is an important one. We know you'll have questions and the Admissions staff is happy to answer them. Register online for your one-on-one conversation today.

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We are so excited to open up our beautiful campus to onsite tours again!

Given the safety protocols that are still in place, campus tours will be limited in scope but will still allow guests to visit facilities on our campus. All visitors (including any children over the age of 2) must wear a mask throughout the tour.

Please join us and find out how taking learning personally works at Elgin Academy. Meet with the Director of Admissions to have your individual questions answered. We look forward to seeing you on campus.

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Elgin Academy

An article in Quintessential Barrington magazine captures the essence of the transformative nature of an Elgin Academy education.

“Families who are willing to invest in their child’s education know that an Elgin Academy education develops the whole child. As a “process school” the focus is on the whole student and his or her interests, not just on academics... Students are encouraged to explore interests outside of school including volunteering and activism, which helps them find their voice. Students are encouraged to think outside the box and to take responsibility for their education.”

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The overall environment and feel at Elgin Academy has been caring and supportive. It allowed our daughter to grow as a student, leader, and active member of society. In addition, the teachers at Elgin Academy have been invaluable resources to our daughter in the college application process and in making a choice that is a good fit for her.– Parents of a Recent Graduate

    Elgin Academy, as a private 501(c)(3) educational organization and as an ISACS fully accredited educational entity, provides equal admission and access and opportunities to all students currently enrolled at EA and to students seeking enrollment at the Academy. Elgin Academy does not discriminate against any person or class of persons based on disability, race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation or in any other manner prohibited by either federal or state law. The Elgin Academy admissions policy is dictated by our implementation and usage of our mission statement as a guiding principle to the operation of the school.