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My Elgin Academy education was the single greatest gift my parents could have ever given me. Yes, it's about the experiences I had here, but more so it's about who I've become as a result. That is the greatest gift. Val Scimeca ‘16
Stanford University '20

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We are committed to making an Elgin Academy education accessible to all qualified students regardless of financial means. Tuition Assistance is awarded to students at all grade levels, kindergarten through high school seniors, and is decided by need and availability of funds. Each year, Elgin Academy awards need-based tuition assistance to qualifying students.

You may ask yourself, can my family afford an EA education? Elgin Academy focuses on adding quality students and families regardless of financial means. Many middle and upper income families assume they would not qualify and forego the aid application process. We encourage you to contact our office to find out more about affording an independent school education for your child.