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Dear Elgin Academy Alumni, Despite the tremendous efforts of the Board, school leadership and other dedicated community members to find a path forward, the Elgin Academy Board determined that our model of an independent Preschool through 12th grade school is no longer sustainable in Elgin. It was with a heavy heart that, at their November 2023 meeting, the Board of Trustees voted that Elgin Academy will close at the end of the 2023-2024 school year. 

We resolve to remain focused on giving all of our Hilltoppers the Elgin Academy experience that they love. We will continue to work diligently in service of our mission to inspire students to become our creative, courageous and compassionate future. We will do so by preserving our close-knit community built on a culture of trust, respect and compassion, by observing cherished EA events and traditions right through graduation and by staying in the moment, and allowing students to keep on learning, doing, and being who they are—EA Hilltoppers. We owe nothing less to our students, to our faculty and staff, to the over 5000 EA graduates, and to the thousands of parents who have given their time, resources, and love to honor this great institution and its great history.