Congratulations Elgin Academy Class of 2020!

Cameron Agno
Marina Aristodemo
Jacob Atkins
C.J. Carani
Pierson Gonzalez
Ashley Gordon
Emma Hanson
Ethan Hill
Danielle LaVigne
Caelinn Leahy

Ariana Marchan
Ethan Moore
Ranger Ni
Madison Noble-Stas
Claire Noland
Arman Pabani
Nia Pegues
Anthony Perez
Christopher Perez
Ethan Plantz

Lauren Rana
Carter Ray
Gavin Richetti
Christian Rodriguez
Raphae Sami
Elizabeth Sporina
Nira Suvagia
Jaden Tabak
Ryan Ulrichs
Dufei (Ferris) Wang


Senior Spotlights

Elgin Academy Class of 2020



Commencement 2020



Honors Convocation 2020



EA Choir Sings Commencement Song


The Class of 2020 Celebration Video

In continuation of our celebration of the Class of 2020, here is a video that is sure to bring back great memories for our graduates, their families and fellow EA classmates. Special thanks to Sophomore Olivia Welsh for putting this spectacular video together. Enjoy!


Mr. Sept Discusses the Class of 2020's Colleges

Each year, Mr. Sept, Elgin Academy's Upper School Director, gives a speech at the Senior Luncheon that recaps many interesting statistics about where our graduates are heading after they leave the Hilltop such as who is going to the largest or smallest school, whose college is the farthest from Elgin, etc. Unfortunately, there was no Senior Luncheon this year but Mr. Sept still gave his speech and he has recorded just a short clip of the portion where he announces our graduates transition from Hilltoppers to, among others, Broncos, Boilermakers, and Fighting Illini. For us, though, they will always be #ForeverHilltoppers


Class of 2020 Colleges

Another tradition that Elgin Academy seniors look forward to is the College Shirt photo. Taken on the steps of Sears Gallery, this photo features seniors wearing their chosen college's shirt. As with many things this year, this photo had to happen in a slightly different way. We welcome you to the 2020 digital version of the College Shirt photo (now video) and join us in celebration of the Class of 2020 and all the places they'll go! 


Senior's Last Day

Each year there is a tradition in the Upper School that on the last day of school for seniors they and the faculty gather in Edwards Hall to count down the last 10 seconds of their time at Elgin Academy. Sadly this year that could not happen in person but they all made the best of it. Congratulations to the Class of 2020! #HilltoppersForever