Class of 2021


Senior Speeches

During the second semester every year, Elgin Academy seniors engage in the time-honored tradition of delivering a speech to an audience of peers, faculty, family, and invited guests. The Senior Speech is an opportunity for our oldest students to reflect on personal experiences that have affected their lives and share those reflections with the EA community.

In 2021, seniors speeches began in April and continued into May. The speeches were delivered in person, when possible, and over zoom so that all members of the EA community could celebrate and support our seniors. 

More speeches will be posted soon.


Kaila Alfaro

John Arnold


Samuel Nathan Basa

Maddy Beauchamp


Teddy Ellis

Jennifer Goddard


Seana Gould Dulabaum

Joseph Hargrave


Vansh Haridas

Katia Horn


Zoe Jacobson

Christopher Kademoglou


Aaron Kirk

Ryan Knight


Charlene LaVigne

Madhu Manivannan


Ryan Marusich

Kristy Mordini


Lucas Muffit

Hareem Rauf


Alex Richardson

Danyaal Sami


Neal Shyamani

Emma Smiley


Nguyen Tran

Jorie Wilmington


Annie Wittmeyer

Michael Xu


John Yavari

Reece Zonts