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Mustafa Alimumal '15
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Mustafa Alimumal '15 graduated from Northwestern University at the end of the Fall 2018 term. He is working as a Strategy Analyst with Accenture in the Chicago office. Mustafa reports that he is excited about entering consulting, and he hopes to work on projects related to renewable energy, blockchain, and financial services.

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Cassie Kemmler '15 Studying Zebrafish
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Cassie is currently a senior at Smith College where she is majoring in biology. She is part of a group study at Smith that is researching forebrain development in zebrafish, specifically investigating the role of slit proteins and their robo receptors in the formation of the post optic commissure. (Zebrafish are a popular model for studying genetics and developmental biology.) Cassie tries to simplify this for us by explaining that basically, she is “looking at attractant and repellant proteins that direct axon growth to cross the brain at a specific location during neural development.” Her senior honors thesis will examine Slit proteins and their role in axon guidance during forebrain development using the zebrafish model system.

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EA alum from the class of '99 poses for a black and white portrait picture for The Washington City Paper.
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Indira Henard '99 is the executive director of the DC Rape Crisis Center. She has been advocating for survivors of sexual violence for two decades, but this year she did so under the spotlight of the #MeToo movement. The Washington City Paper, a U.S. alternative weekly newspaper serving the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, recently recognized Indira's advocacy in its annual People Issue. Congratulations, Indira, on this worthy recognition.

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