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Last year we introduced our “Sports Blog.”  We had a nice introductory year and we have expanded on that this year.  For this year, we rebranded the blog as “Coaches' Corner.” Here you can find a summary of the latest games and/or a preview of the games to come. 

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Coaches Corner

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Craig Pinson

Middle School Volleyball season wrapped up Wednesday with a win against Christian Liberty!  Over the course of our shortened season, the girls went 3-1.  With the majority of the team being 5th graders, these girls have a bright future.

A special shoutout to our 8th graders, Reagan, Ariel, and Pryor.  Being leaders and positive teammates helped the 5th graders develop faster than we could have imagined.  Thank you to them and all the girls!  Go EA!

  • US Girls Tennis
Sterling Perez

These tournaments like many others are always an exciting gathering especially this year as we didn’t know if we were even going to continue with fall sports! This is our first tournament of the season because we are more eerie to being on the safe side for our students and community! At the ISL tournament we played with a total of 8 teams rather than the 7 like last year! The new team(this year) that re-joined us in the ISL was Lake Forest Academy! We were very glad to host a team that we didn’t know would come back to our conference.


At First Singles was the strong and talented Sophomore, Noelle Lanton! She went in it becoming the second seed under Lake Forest Academy’s,  Senior Lizzie Frekko.

Her first match was against MPAs Sophomores Ayanna King being her in straight sets 6-3, 6-1. Second match was against F.W. Parkers Junior Rebecca Bellick losing 7-5 , 6-0. Noelle had a hard fall during match which put her at a slight disadvantage, but her opponent was one of the nicest player ever asking if she could help with anything! With Noelles injury having persistent pain, we decided to forfeit her other spots as we felt that her health is more important then continuing the tournament. She was still declared 4th out of the 8 teams!

          At Second singles was the amazing and dedicated Junior, Sophie Shanae Gould Dulabaum. She didn’t get to get a seed. First round she played against 1st seed from Latin Mia Bianco losing to her 6-1, 6-0. In the back draw she loss against 3rd seed MPAs Brooke Anderson 8-2.

          At 1st Doubles the dynamic duo Seniors, Charlene LaVigne and Nguyen Tran. They didn’t get a seed. They played LFA the first round losing to Rachel Blum and Juliette Hulsizer 6-1, 6-4.

The next match they played against Woodlands Academy and loss 8-2. It was hard for EA to lose to them because we beat them in a regular conference meet against these opponents! They played as best as they could and they kept their heads up regardless of those losses!

          At 2nd Doubles Senior Hareem Rauf and Sophomore Avery Neff are becoming great doubles partners for this year! They didn’t get a seed. First round they played against U High losing 6-0, 6-0. It was a hard first start as we didn’t get to play them for any regular conference meets. Second round they played NSCD

          At 3rd Doubles Sophomore Amity Whittmeyer and Junior Shreya  Sai loss their first match against Uhigh losing 6-0, 6-0, and then their next match they played against Parker and loss 8-2.

All in all, it was a bittersweet day especially for seniors to follow up with the fact that that was their last conference tournament! We are going to start preparing for NSCDs match October 13th and then get ready for sectionals Friday the 16th!!


EA Tennis Senior Night (10-5-20)
  • US Girls Tennis
Sterling Perez

This was a pretty bittersweet day as we all celebrate the seniors last year on the Elgin Academy Tennis team but we celebrate a new journey that lies ahead of all of these seniors too! Seniors are not just the group of people the other 3 classes look up too, but it also means they have been through the full experience of high school and with that each of our EA Seniors have led leadership in their own ways! My first year as head coach in 2018 is when I met all of these seniors! I’m thankful every day for being given the opportunity to guide and have each of these players trust that my teachings will get them closer to their potentials as individuals both on and off the court! They all taught me something and I’ll explain in each statement for the individuals!  

Memories I remember most about each senior! 

I’ll start with Seana! Her first year on the tennis team she played 4th doubles and played pretty great! She was a very dedicated player in that season! She unfortunately has been out this season due to ankle injuries as well as knee injuries bust most importantly, she has been coming out to support our hilltoppers tennis team when she can, and helps with picking up the balls! She is her sisters biggest cheerleader while she hasn’t been playing and we appreciate it immensely!! 

Next, I will talk about Hareem Rauf!! Hareem is one of those players who has the balance of dedication and integrity! She has a positive and a very caring sense of aura that’s makes the room feel welcomed without even knowing her! She has played both singles and doubles throughout here 4 years of playing here at EA and has played extremely well in both areas of tennis! Hareem played 2nd doubles throughout this entire season with partner Avery Neff! I felt loss when it came up to making a senior chat because she was the one who reminded me last year! What I'm try to say is she was a role model in spreading positivity and encouragement through practice and gameplay! 

Last two are our amazing Dynamic 1st dubs Duo, Charlene LaVigne and Nguyen Tran!  

I want to start with first Nguyen Tran! Nguyen is one of those talented players who sometimes forgets how good she really is when she’s out there until she hits a great shot! She is always ready for competition and strives at bettering her game! I admire her drive and character!  She also known for letting her action do the talking. Now although she is pretty quiet, don’t take that as her not being a great player, because she is. Also,  I appreciate how she handles stress on a court, she doesn’t let it show if she is getting frustrated! She has dramatically transformed into a better and smarter player throughout the years I've been coaching her!

Last of the seniors is Charlene LaVigne! Charlene has been so very much loyal to our tennis program this and last year! This year after every practice she insist to keep wanting to play tennis and practice what she needs to work on.  I don’t know about you guys but as a coach that’s one of the best things to hear a player tell a coach!  She’s been known as the megaphone and the one of EA’s biggest cheer leader while watching others play their matches! Also, we will miss Charlene's singing she does to songs that play on the radio in the back seat of the buses or just off the top of her head!  

All in all, I hope that what these seniors all leave with us as our tennis season nears is that they are all great role models in different ways, and that they will always be missed as a hilltoppers tennis athlete!! I Thank you Seana, Hareem, Nguyen and Charlene!! 

  • US Girls Tennis
Sterling Perez

This match was a long match but we learned a lot today as we went up against our conference team, Woodlands Academy. Our tennis team continues to improve as well as ask for advice on how to! Their commitment for tennis is an all-in attitude that shows game after game. The match was watched by many parents from both teams from outside the fence as we were unfortunately not allowing spectators on the property! However, the spirit of EA was there and they knew so! Almost every match went to a tiebreaker including the persistent Sophie, whose match played till sun down.

Teams Overall Record: 3-3

Match Results:

1st Singles Sophomore Noelle Lanton won her match against Senior Hailey Denton 6-0, 6-2

Noelle’s Overall Record: 6-0

2nd Singles Junior Sophie Shanae Gould Dulabaum loss her match against Sophomore Maddie Montez a close 6-6(6-8), 6-4, seven point tiebreak 5-7

Sophie’s Overall Record: 2-3

3rd Singles Freshman Eesha Peddhapati won her match against Sophomore Mags Roemer 8-1

Eesha's Overall Record: 2-3

1st Doubles Senior Duo Charlene LaVigne and Nguyen Tran won their match against Senior Zoe Nwarache and Freshman Gree Talty 6-2, 6-2

Charlene and Nguyens Overall Record: 3-3

2nd Doubles Senior Hareem Rauf and Sophomore Avery Neff loss their close match against Senior Mia Ruck and Freshman Kaley Meister 6-4, 5-7, 6-10

Hareem and Avery's Overall Record: 2-4

3rd Doubles Junior Shreya Sai and Sophomore Amity Whittmeyer loss their close match against Freshman Abby Hironimus and Sophomore Aubrey Rodely 6-2, 6-7(4), 4-10

Shreya and Amity's Overall Record: 0-2

4TH Doubles Freshman Saraya Singh and Sophomore Annie Matusiak loss their match against Freshman Tate Reilly and Delia Hernandez 0-8

Saraya and Annie's Overall Record: 0-1

All in all, Elgin Academy’s Hilltoppers learned enough to be ready for our next match, and to practice it on the courts next week before match against NSCD on Thursday!!



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Craig Pinson

Congratulations to our MS Cross Country team on an awesome first meet! Suzannah, Gianna, Ashley, Kaan, Efe, and Kolby all (unexpectedly) got bumped up into the Varsity race at the last minute.  Even with that last second change, these six runners represented EA in a great way.  Not only did they give it their all in the race, but were also probably the loudest team cheering on and supporting their teammates.

Special shout-out to 6th grader Gianna Hughes, who finished 5th out of 32 girls in her first ever race with a time of 15:53.  

Coach Chouinard says, “I'm so proud of our middle school XC runners, who competed in their first meet on Thursday!  Everyone performed at their best, and I cannot wait to see how the team improves at our next three meets.”

The next race is October 1st at Harvest Christian. Go EA!

Elgin Academy vs Morgan Park Academy (9/17)
  • US Girls Tennis
Sterling Perez

As our first conference match, we definitely stepped up from our previous year as well as the games this season! Our team is really starting to enjoy being together and a sense of chemistry is amounting! This first conference match was against Morgan Park Academy(MPA) and they had a great coaching staff who made us feel at home allowing spectators there! Our team went out there with the confidence we needed to get the win! 



1st Singles Noelle Lanton played a very tough opponent Ayanna King who has been 1st singles the past couple year at MPA winning 6-1, 6-0

Noelle’s overall 

2nd Singles Saraya Singh came up from JV to play for the first Varsity match against Brooke Anderson losing 0-6, 0-6


1st Doubles Charlene LaVigne and Nguyen Tran played amazing tennis together today (as they always do) against Michaela Alimonte and Taylor Brooke’s winning 6-1, 6-2

2nd Doubles Hareem Rauf and Avery Neff who have been gaining amazing chemistry with one another and are playing great tennis as well! They played Jada Clayton and Samuela Kosipa winning 6-1, 6-3

3rd Doubles Shreya Sai and Delaney Reimer played Savanna Bryant and Zaraah Furguson winning 8-3 in the 8 game pro set! 

Our team is learning what we need to work on as indivduals and as a whole team! Working on it and it’s something we enjoy doing so to get better for the next matches! 

Thursday (9/17) we play West Aurora High School who has a very good team and we’re looking forward to that match! 


Sterling Perez


This match was another great match for us, especially since it was Home! Even though there were no spectators there due to the Pandemic, all that wanted to be there were there in spirit there to cheer on the Hilltoppers Tennis team! As our first Varsity Home match I think we can say that it went as good as it could’ve gone!




1st Singles: Noelle Lanton won 6-0, 6-1

Noelles overall record: 3-0


2nd Singles: Sophie Shanae Gould Dulabaum won 8-3

Sophie Shanae’s overall record: 2-1



1st Doubles: Charlene LaVigne and Nguyen Tran won their match 2-6, 6-1, 11-9

Charlene and Nguyen’s overall record: 1-2


2nd Doubles: Hareem Rauf and Avery Neff loss their match 6-6(9-11), 3-6

Hareem and Avery’s overall record: 1-2


3rd Doubles: Shreya Sai and Delaney Reimer loss their match 8-6


As our first home match ending with a win, I think it added a sense of comfort for the next coming matches!! 


Next match is tomorrow against Lake Forest Academy!!



Brian LeVanti

As the start of a new cross country season began August 24th,  the team collected together one by one.  After graduating three core varsity members from last year's squad which included Jaden Tabak (USNA), Christopher Perez(SCAD) and Anthony Perez (SCAD), this year's team will continue to carry the torch that was passed onto them in Seneca last fall.  

Heading up this year's squad is Sophomore runner Will Padula.  Will finished his freshman year with valuable varsity experience which will be a great benefit for the team this year.  We are looking forward to seeing Will compete and continue his personal success as the season progresses.  

In addition to this year's boys team, junior runner Alex Andrews will be practicing and helping pace Will this fall.  Alex is a two year track and field athlete who looks to help condition and train himself for this year's track season.  Alex has shown great determination and  continues to build his confidence at practice pushing himself to strive for his goals this school year.  

This year the Elgin Academy community is fortunate to welcome transfer student junior  Liza McHugh. Although Liza competed as underclassmen at Barrington High School, she is excited about the opportunity to add to the history and tradition of the  girls program and is thrilled about becoming a Hilltopper this fall.

This year's team is pleased to have both Coach Lam and Coach BLeV back in the saddle for the third consecutive year.  Both coaches our proud of the team that will represent EA this season.  

Coach BLeV



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Craig Pinson

Congratulations to our 8th Grade Boys Basketball team on advancing to the semi-finals of the SWAC Conference Tournament.  The Hilltoppers got there by beating Aurora Christian 28-17 on Thursday.

The semi-finals and finals will be played Saturday at Timothy Christian.  EA kicks off the day at 10am, with either a championship game or 3rd place game to follow.


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Craig Pinson

The Middle School Boys Hilltoppers have been on fire lately, with all three levels winning big games and continuing to improve!

5th/6th has won their last two games, both against in-town rival Harvest Christian.  The defense is starting to lockdown opponents, especially in the first game against HCA in which they held Harvest to ZERO points in the entire second half.  On 12/4, around 20 Lower School students came out to cheer on the team and watch them win a 18-17 thriller.  

JV continues to improve and show flashes of excellence.  With wins against Harvest and Christian Liberty, the JV squad is looking to finish the year strong and set themselves up for a potential run in the conference tournament.

Varsity once again has been the highlight of our MS Basketball Program.  After an 18-win season last year and second in conference, the boys are back at it with a 7-2 record this year.  One of these wins was an incredible back and forth game against Benjamin MS that ended with Kaden Saurer hitting a buzzer beater and the team rushing the court.

We are proud of the work every basketball player is putting in, with the results showing on the court.  Keep working hard and good things will come.