US Coaches

Robert (Bob) Camosy

Upper School Social Studies, US JV Boys Basketball Head Coach, Summer Program Instructor
Bachelor of Arts, University of Notre Dame
Masters of Arts, Edgewood College

"Be excellent to each other." - Bill and Ted
It is not easy for high school students, and my teaching philosophy is to be mindful of this. Kids learn best when they know you are about them and expect them to care about each other.

- Bob Camosy

Mike Carani

US Varsity Girls Basketball - Head Coach

A major part of success of a team, or of an individual, has a great deal to do with the intangible qualities possessed. The real key is in how a person views them self (humility), how they feel about what they do (passion), how they work with others (unity), how they make others better (servanthood), and how they deal with failure and success, truly learning from each situation (continuous improvement). I believe those attributes are at the core of a great player, team, coach, or individual in any capacity of life.
- Mike Carani

Debra Marusich

US Volleyball - Head Coach, Summer Program Coach

Sportsmanship for me is when a person walks off the court and you really can't tell whether she won or lost. She carries herself with pride no matter the outcome.
- Debra Marusich

Rick Williams

Upper School Dean of Students, Upper School Athletic Director, US Varsity/JV Boys Basketball - Head Coach
Bachelor of Arts, Judson University

The Athletic Department at Elgin Academy is designed to excite athletes about the process of daily improvement. We believe through hard work, teamwork and dedication, student athletes continue the standard of excellence first established in the classroom.
- Rick Williams