Community Updates

One of the best ways to maintain normalcy during times of change and uncertainty is to stay informed and connected. This page is designed to do just that for the Elgin Academy community. Here you will find the very latest information about Elgin Academy's COVID response, as well as, past community updates. Additionally we will post the most recent updated policies to EA's Together on the Hilltop plan.


EA Community Updates

Policy Regarding Testing for Individuals with Symptoms of COVID-19

The health department has recently changed their policy regarding testing for individuals with symptoms of COVID-19. We may now accept rapid tests (antigen or PCR) as long as the student has not had a known exposure to COVID-19 in the past 14 days or our school does not currently have an identified COVID-19 outbreak. In situations where the student is considered a known close contact or the school is experiencing an outbreak, a laboratory-based PCR test is required.

As a reminder, the Kane County Health Department will not accept results from an at-home test. 

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New Guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health

We are updating our COVID protocols in light of new guidance recently released by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Moving forward, if your student has symptoms of COVID, they must get a COVID test as required by IDPH. We can no longer accept an alternate diagnosis from a physician. If your student has a chronic condition such as allergies or migraines you may supply a doctor's note stating the condition and symptoms for our files. This will allow us to work with your family should your student be experiencing symptoms that overlap with COVID and the chronic condition. 

You will no longer be required to submit a return to school letter if your student is required to quarantine after exposure or isolate because they have tested positive for COVID. The length of the quarantine period remains 14 days and the length of the isolation period is 10 days. Please contact your Division Assistant who can help you determine your return to school date in either of these circumstances.

The final change is for siblings. If one sibling has symptoms and is being tested for COVID any other siblings may be on campus if they are fully vaccinated. If they are not fully vaccinated, they may continue to come to campus if:

  • They remain symptom-free AND
  • If the suspicion for COVID-19 is not high AND
  • The household member with symptoms is able to get tested within 24 hours.

If test results are not back within 48 hours, the household member will also need to move off-campus until results are received.

Included below are the most recent information sheets regarding when a student has tested positive, has symptoms, or has been exposed to COVID. 


My Student Has Possible COVID-19 Symptoms

My Student Has Been Exposed to COVID-19

My Student Has Tested Positive for COVID-19


Thank you, as always, for your patience as we navigate the updates in guidance from IDPH. We appreciate how the community has come together again this year to ensure all our protocols are followed.

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SHIELD COVID Screening Testing Program

Beginning in October, Elgin Academy will be taking part in the University of Illinois SHIELD COVID screening testing program. All faculty, staff, and students may choose to participate in this program. SHIELD is a saliva test that can detect the presence of COVID and the program is designed to identify individuals with COVID who are either asymptomatic or who are in the early stages of infection. No one is required to participate, we will only provide testing to individuals who have opted in with the attached consent form. In order to participate in the program, please return this consent form to your Division Assistant or email to by Monday, September 20th.  Parents must sign the form for students under the age of 18, but students 18 or older must provide their own consent form. 

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Executive Order Requiring Masks

Governor Pritzker issued an executive order requiring masks for all, vaccinated and unvaccinated, for indoor activities at PS-12 schools across the state.

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Thinking About 2021-2022

With just over one month until the start of school, we are hard at work planning for the 2021-2022 school year. As we have done since the pandemic began, we have posted all of the  correspondence sent to EA families to the Community Updates page of the EA website. This morning an email was sent to all EA families regarding some of our thoughts and plans for the 2021/22 school year. Click "for more details" to view this email as well as all other COVID-19 related communication.


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Reminder of COVID-19 Protocols

Reminder about COVID-19 protocols including Communications, Rapid COVID-19 Tests, Alternative Diagnosis, Testing Positive for COVID-19, Exposure to COVID-19, and Siblings.

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