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Retirement Reception

Congratulations Jim Kidston - Celebrating 44 years at Elgin Academy!

Jim Kidston, EA's Director of Technology and senior faculty member, has been teaching in EA's Upper School for 44 years! This remarkable tenure makes him the longest serving faculty member in the school's history. 

Mr. Kidston arrived on campus in 1980 as a new math teacher with a great deal of interest in computers. He was instrumental in growing both the Academy's physical computer network and its curriculum offerings in computer science. As educational technology improved, Jim kept up to date with what was new and exciting, providing an excellent example for his students of lifelong learning in action. In more recent years he has overseen the school's conversion to wireless technology and has continued the challenging upkeep of our network while introducing more and more students to the complexities of programming.

Mr. Kidston has been a math teacher, a computer science teacher, an advisor, a cross country and basketball coach, a club sponsor, and President of EA's chapter of the Cum Laude Society. He has accompanied students on Trip Week excursions and led J-Term courses. In short, he has been an engaged supporter of all aspects of EA's Upper School life -- academic, athletic, and co-curricular--for 44 years. During that lengthy tenure, he has always kept the well-being and success of students at the forefront. Jim has written countless advisor letters that are a testament to how well he knows his students and how much he cares about them. Mr. Kidston's philosophy of teaching purports that part of the job of teachers is to make themselves obsolete. . . to give students the knowledge and skills they need to eventually do things on their own without their teacher's guidance. It is a humble and wise educator who understands this, and that is exactly what Jim Kidston has been on this campus for such a long time

Retirement will not only afford Jim the chance to spend more time with his wife Carol and his three children, but we couldn't be more thrilled for him to be trading in the lengthy early morning commute from Hinsdale that he has been driving for over four decades for the chance to occasionally sleep in.  We can't let Mr. Kidston leave without showing him how much he has meant to the Elgin Academy community. Please join us to celebrate his tenure and thank him for his service to Elgin Academy. 

Join us for Jim Kidston's Retirement Reception

Friday, May 24th | 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. | Sears Gallery

We hope you will drop by to celebrate Jim Kidston's 44 years at Elgin Academy.

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