Please Join us for a reception celebrating the retirement of

Sandy Revak & Terry Vincent

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 | 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
In the Sears Gallery | Elgin Academy.

Students, parents, faculty, trustees, alumni, and friends welcome.

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Sandy Revak

It is always bittersweet when a long-time employee announces her retirement. Such is the case with the retirement of our Middle School Director Sandy Revak at the end of this academic year. Sandy has had a 35-year career in education, of which 13 years has been spent at Elgin Academy. 

Prior to joining Elgin Academy, Sandy taught English and Social Studies to 6th - 8th grade students at Summit Academy from 1999-2006. In addition to her teaching role, Sandy also served as a faculty liaison and chair of the NCA Evaluation Committee. When Summit Academy merged with Elgin Academy in the 2006-2007 academic year, Sandy spent that first year at EA’s River Road campus serving as the PS-8th grade Director. The following year (2007-2008), when the River Road campus closed, Sandy came to the Elgin Academy campus and was appointed Middle School Director, a position she has held for the past 13 years. Under her leadership as Middle School Director, the division switched to an academic trimester system, and innovative programs like the annual problem-based learning (PBL) projects, the MS Exploratory Program, and the new MS Passion Projects were created.

During her tenure at EA, Sandy’s steady, unflappable demeanor and leadership style have endeared her to the Middle School faculty who will miss her strong advocacy and her sense of humour.  Her knowledge and understanding of middle school-aged students is deep and both students and parents know that she has always had their best interests in mind. Sandy has always done special things for her students such as placing birthday cards in their lockers and for her faculty such as very individualized gifts and complimentary messages. Sandy's reasoned and logical approach have made her an invaluable part of the administrative team over the years and her always full candy jar as well as her kindness and friendliness will certainly be missed within Sears Hall. 

We wish her the best of luck as she enters this new stage in her life which she has told us will include spending more time with her grandchildren, Ashton who is 18 months and Theodore who is 4 years old. She also hopes to travel more with a trip to Greece and Rome already planned for the fall and enjoying the fact that she no longer will have to get up at 5:30 a.m.



Terry Vincent

Terry Vincent's, Upper School French and ELL teacher, decision to retire came at the end of the 2018-2019 school year after our 2019 retirement party. Terry will be joining us at the 2020 retirement party so that the Elgin Academy Community can celebrate her long and distinguished career.

Madame Vincent’s smiling face and serene presence have been a mainstay in our Upper School for 26 years. Terry came to us having lived and taught overseas for 13 years in 5 different countries - Brazil, the U.S.S.R., the Philippines, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. During her time here she was awarded a Fulbright Teacher Exchange grant to live and teach in Switzerland for the 2004-2005 school year. The breadth and depth of her life experiences have contributed to the attitude of tolerance and open-mindedness that has so informed her teaching. Meticulous preparation, limitless enthusiasm for speaking French and for French culture in general, and a gentle yet firm insistence that her students follow her example and communicate only in the target language have been hallmarks of her classroom through the years. Despite the fact that her students have not completely mastered French yet, they truly believe they can; even the least experienced among them can get a point across in French. They can laugh at their own mistakes and learn from them because of the safe environment for risk taking that Madame has created in her classroom.

In addition, Terry has also been a supportive and engaged sponsor of co-curricular student activities. For many years she was a Junior class moderator, helping students raise funds for their proms. Her keen interest in current affairs, both here and abroad, made her an excellent choice to sponsor our Model U.N. delegation. Always game for an adventure, Madame has participated in countless Trip Week experiences in locales from the Canadian wilderness to the rivers and woods of West Virginia and Wisconsin. Her patience and calm demeanor have proved an asset time and again not only in the classroom, but when leading students in more hands-on experiences.

Although it is easy to extol her virtues, no one can sum up her time here at Elgin Academy as well as Terry herself did in her elegant letter of resignation. She wrote, “I am very thankful for my opportunity to teach at Elgin Academy. As I have always said, I’ve taught at many schools in the States and around the world, but when I found Elgin Academy, I felt that I had found a real home. I loved the community feel of the school, the beautiful campus, the receptive students, the excellent faculty, appreciative parents, and most importantly, that I could teach what I loved the most -- the French language. Every day I could be on a trip to France with my students who were very willing to engage in speaking the language with me.” Madame has provided her students and colleagues with the quintessential example of dedication to lifelong learning. Her unique combination of intelligence, compassion, and willingness to take on whatever comes her way has served Elgin Academy well. We are happy to think of her setting out on new travels and spending time with her grandchild and daughter Nicole, an EA alum.