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Salute to Seth

Seth Hanford announced at the beginning of the school year that this would be his last at Elgin Academy and that it was time for him to move on to the next phase of his professional life. Before our community says goodbye to Mr. Hanford, the time has come to celebrate together his 22 years of service to EA and honor all that he has done for this school and its students.

Seth has been the academic leader of this community, the athletic and arts programs' biggest fan, a good friend to students of all ages (toddlers to teenagers), a welcoming presence to countless alumni, a trusted source of support and collegiality for the faculty and staff -- in short, he has been the caretaker of every individual, every tradition, and every ideal that makes up our EA community, and he has taken that responsibility very seriously.

Whether Mr. Hanford was your colleague, your advisor, U.S. history teacher, your English teacher, your tennis coach,  JV basketball coach, or yearbook sponsor; your Upper School Director, your College Counselor, or your Head of School, EA’s students and their academic, social, and emotional well-being have always been his deepest and most genuine concern. 

Please join us for a Farewell Celebration in honor of Mr. Hanford on Thursday, May 25th, at 2:00 p.m.

Celebration Assembly in the Gym with a reception on the campus lawn immediately following.(2:45-5:00p.m.) Tacos and Ice cream provided by Carmina's Mexican Restaurant and EA Alum Kevin Realzola '14 & family

Send a Personal Message

Share your well wishes, memories, and gratitude by sending Mr. Hanford a message at

Hearing from the EA community would be such a lovely surprise for Seth. please take a moment to send him an email message. You can catch him up on what you’re up to, tell him about a memory of him that means a lot to you, or simply thank him. We will hold these emails, and at the assembly on May 25th, we will give him a password to retrieve them.

Make a Donation in Tribute to Mr. Hanford

Giving in honor of all that Mr. Hanford has done for Elgin Academy in the 30 years since he first arrived here will help sustain this school that he loves. It’s time we thank him from the bottom of our hearts for leading this school in a remarkably down to earth way, through good times and challenging ones. Please donate today and celebrate Mr. Hanford’s legacy as well as the school's 184 year history.

Make A Tribute Donation