Founders' Day - Happy Birthday Elgin Academy

Dear Friends,

February 22 is the 182nd anniversary of our great school’s 1839 charter. If you joined the stimulating trivia night hosted by our EAPA you learned, or were reminded of, the full, rich and proud history of the institution we share every day. Few places can claim to be this old and even fewer can do so having stood so consistently behind the principle of independent co-education. What an honor it is to be part of a place that has stood for something so important for so long.

Today is a day for all of us to celebrate. We are part of a living, breathing, changing thing, because nothing lives this long without being that way. Each of us contributes to this great history through our daily interactions with it. When we learn, play, think, and challenge each other, we are pushing Elgin Academy forward, bit by bit, into its next 182 years. As former head of school John Cooper eloquently reminded us the other night, we all have our role to play in perpetuating this important institution for generations to come.

Today we should all have a proud spring to our step. We should be proud of our school’s resilient history and we should proudly embrace our individual and collective roles in helping it thrive for those who will come after us.

Happy Birthday, Elgin Academy! Here’s to the next 182 years and beyond!

Seth Hanford
Head of School