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Faculty Excellence

In order to honor faculty who have made long-lasting and extraordinary contributions to the Academy, the Board of Trustees has established the Elgin Academy Faculty Excellence Program.

Through this program, the Board will establish specific board-designated funds to honor, at their retirement from Elgin Academy, teachers and faculty who have served the school for 20 years or more. Each fund will be developed in an area meant to represent the teacher’s contributions to the lasting quality of the Academy.

A fund will be considered endowed when it reaches $25,000 or in three years from its approval by the Board and at this point the draw on it will be used to supplement a recipient’s salary in the form of a stipend.

The Establishment of Other Endowed Funds

If a particular donor wants to establish a fund in honor of a community member who is not eligible for such recognition as described above, that donor will work with the Development Office to establish such a fund. In order to do so, the donor will need to make a $25,000 contribution and multiple year annual fund commitment.

Faculty Excellence Funds