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The mission of Elgin Academy is clear; We are inspiring students to become our creative, courageous, and compassionate future.

We do this by supporting our students on their journey and giving them the tools to grow. We do this by providing unique and authentic experiences, both in and out of the classroom, that allow our students to develop these traits. We do this by challenging ourselves to ask the big questions and giving our faculty and students opportunities to answer them.

This has been at the core of the rich and vibrant history of Elgin Academy for 180 years, but we are poised to do even more.

Your gift to the Hilltopper Fund permits us to ask these big questions and to offer new and innovative educational opportunities that are based on experiential learning. Every gift gives our faculty a chance to be original and imaginative in inspiring our students to be creative, courageous and compassionate. But what if we could do even more?

The questions we ask are as varied as our Hilltoppers and each question we answer furthers the mission of Elgin Academy. You see these questions play out on campus every day.


private school student working creatively
Inspiring Creativity

What if learning is stimulated in different ways?

Some students prefer a reflective approach and are driven to learn through their own creative and independent methods, throwing themselves deep into subject matter about which they are passionate. For others, academic competition offers an inspiring challenge and a means to hone skills. To fulfill this need, we provide academic teams in Battle of the Books, Math Counts, and Scholastic Bowl, among others. Hilltoppers also participate in individual competitions off campus. Our faculty and classrooms support these varied pursuits and give students the freedom to follow their inspiration.



private elementary student presenting research project
Inspiring Courage

What if undiscovered passions are ignited?

A wide-ranging liberal arts curriculum makes it possible for students to not only learn but to discover previously unidentified passions. From the earliest years, our students study languages, visual arts, and music. All of these introduce new concepts and help in brain development, thus opening their minds to the many possibilities in learning. As they grow, our students are supported in having the courage to try new endeavors. In this pursuit, they can discover a hidden drive to perform or a previously unexplored talent on the playing field. Elgin Academy students are encouraged to discover these new passions and to then go even deeper in their understanding.



private high school students at community service event
Inspiring Compassion

What if our students create solutions to the challenges facing our world?

Hilltoppers are not only asked to learn about challenges in the world, but to help create compassionate solutions. Beginning in Lower School, multiple service learning projects encourage our students to take action. Project-based learning activities in the Middle School ask our students to tackle real-world problems by developing realistic ways to help. Our Upper School students act locally in the Elgin area to assist those in need, and they can look to the world at large to serve. These experiences affect our students in powerful ways, and the impact they make is equally strong.



private elementary student creating art project
Inspiring our Future

What if we could do even more?

Your gift gives us the opportunity to ask and answer the important questions that inspire our students to become our creative, courageous, and compassionate future. A donation to the Hilltopper Fund helps secure our mission of preparing students to make a difference in the world now and in the future.Your contribution gives our Hilltoppers the resources and support to be the change they want to see in the world and to take ownership in making a difference in our collective future.