Hilltopper Fund, We are all together

The phrase, “We Are All Together” has never been more meaningful and our mission of  inspiring students to become our creative, courageous and compassionate future has never been more important.

We have ambitiously tried to host as many students on campus as possible each day. We have integrated technology in a way that makes our remote teaching more effective, and we continue to do so.  Our tremendous faculty has employed all of their considerable skill, actively seeking professional development and preparing to teach both remotely and in person, always ensuring that our students’ experiences are the best possible. 

This unprecedented year has brought us together in ways we could not have imagined and our community has risen to all of the challenges with which 2020 has presented us.



2020 May Be Over But Financial Stresses Due to COVID Remain

We are about to say good-bye to 2020, but before we do, please consider making a donation to the Hilltopper Fund. This unusual year, and the accompanying added financial stresses due to COVID-19, mean that our Hilltopper Fund is, especially now, extremely important. Your support is vital to our continuing efforts to offer the most meaningful experiences possible. Your gift will ensure that we can remain agile and adaptable as conditions change in this unprecedented time. Thank you

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