Hilltopper Fund
Help us top the hill

Top the hill with foxes by making a gift to the Hilltopper Fund. For every gift or pledge made to the Hilltopper Fund through #GivingTuesday on November 30th, we will place a fox on the senior knoll in your honor.

Thank you to our donors for supporting the Hilltoper Fund and helping to build a Community of Giving!

Elgin Academy’s Hilltopper Fund allows us to deliver on the promise of our mission of inspiring students to become our creative, courageous, and compassionate future and for each and every student the promise of a very unique and special learning environment with dedicated and supportive faculty.

Every gift that is made to Elgin Academy is appreciated and celebrated.  Thank you!

Michael & Maura Knight

Anonymous (5)

Laura Anderson

Jay & Sarah Wittmeyer

Aaron Kirk '21

Kenneth & Barbara Woltz

The Dellora A. and Lester J. Norris Foundation

Alan Scimeca & Shelly Price

John & Cindy Yavari

Tanya & Regis Moore

The Kut Family

Mr. Andrew Kolba

Bill Padula

The Alvarado Family

The Huangs

Linley Collins

The Smayda Family

The Lamina Family

Stephen VanZandt '63

Clara L. & Tim Gouge

The Spooner-Ellis Family

Sandy & Gregg Revak

The Pradzinski Family

Patrick McNulty '88

The Goist Family

The Miller Family

The McCray Family

The Velasquez Family

The Shirazi Family

The Rao Family

The Sporina-Logan Family

Nate Anderson

The Kastner Family

Dee & Ellias Kademoglou

George Smiley

Rob & Lara Berry

Sidney Bernstein

The Yagci Family

Dan Raffety

The Gentleman Family

The Marusich Family

The Rozdilsky Family

Mary Ellen Madden

The Alms-Bickler Family

The Groppel Family

The Hamill Family Foundation

The Cuming Family

Margaret & Andrew Ward

Praveen & Haripriya Medikundam

Manny Likou & Carolyn Kirk-Likou

Mary Lamp

Lloyd "Chip" Fry III '71 and the Lloyd A. Fry Foundation

Keith & Cindy Rauschenberger

Colette Givens-Lanton & Robert Lanton

Dani Smiley

Doug & Andrea Sept

Susan Kennedy

Reno & Laura Suffi

Rick & Rachel Zonts

Rachel Dwyer '17

Caryl (Stumpp) '84 & Daniel Barnes

Amy & Dave Criswell

Patricia Merlo

The Domres Family

Elliot '16 and Val '16 Gorman

The Canga-Arguelles Family

The Garcia Family

John & Eileen Andrews

The Woltz Family

Demaris Purdy

Maureen Durack

Colin Ward '13

The Burt Family

Marjorie & Scott Purdy

The Ajinth Family

The Shackletons

Jan Haeflinger

Sarah Gutierrez

The Beauchamp Family

Susan Harding

The Peddhapati Family

The Pawar Family

Armin Ward

Deloris Givens

The Berlin Family

The Monroy Family

Janek Pedersen


Jay & Azra Ikezoe

Fred & Maria Masnato

Alan & Sandy Kirk

Richard & Karen Milone

M. R. Metzger Family Foundation

Edward Gordon '60

Rhonda & Richard Dwyer

Mike & Laurel Warren

The Brown Family

The Pinson Family

Bonita S. Goist

The Ingente Family

Seth & Desi Hanford

Jim R. Kolba

John E. Groenings Charitable Foundation 

The Woodruff Family

Claire Fluegel '13

The McCormick Family

Jim Kidston

The Almazan Family

Carolyn Dunoon

The Cole Family

Phil Cowen & Elena Mossina-Cowen

The Stout Family

The Clifton Family

William Crossley Purdy II

Amy Brodkorb

Jill & Carr Davis

Aretese & John Low

Barbara Smith '88

Amy Maly

Francis Mathieu

Courtney & Jim Boborci

Imran Uraizee

Mary VanSlyck

The Rafkind Family

Hugh Rider

Shannon & Joshua VanSlyck

Turner Wadington

Teagan Moore '18

The Bundrant Family

The Martines Family