Hilltopper Fund, We are all together


Help us top the hill

The phrase, “We Are All Together” has never been more meaningful and our mission of inspiring students to become our creative, courageous, and compassionate future has never been more important.

Although, we are not on campus to Top The Hill with foxes as we have in past years, we can still celebrate our generous community. 

Join our Top The Hill campaign by making your Gift or Pledge to the Hilltopper Fund today.



Thank you to our community who have risen to the challenges that this unusual year has presented. Your donation is vital to continuing Elgin Academy's efforts to offer the most meaningful experiences possible and will ensure that we can remain agile and adaptable as conditions change.

Seth & Desi Hanford

The Kut Family

Doug & Andrea Sept

Bonita Goist

Michael & Maura Knight

Jason & Michelle Hughes

The Huang Family

The Newby Family

The McHugh Family

Anonymous (7)

Tim & Jenn Brown

CME Group

Glenn & Margaret Stygar



Carolyn Cowper

Lawrence '69 & Sharon Daskal

The Norris Foundation

Felicite "Flicka" Hill '66 Regan & John Regan

The Corwith Foundation

Edward T. Gordon '60

Kathryn Griner '78

Mary & Steve Bayer

The Metzler Family

Amy Maly

Dan Raffety

Andrew Kolba

Rene & Marilyn Alvarado

Tanya & Regis Moore

Laura & Reno Suffi

The Ingente Family

Michael & Jessica McCormick

Sue Morton '66 Lloyd

The Tennyson Family

Russell & Marlene Sept

William & Mary VanSlyck

Dr. Pieter & Mrs. Amy Alvine '08 Norden

Craig Pinson

The Fluegel Family

Bhaskar Peddhapati & Bhanulatha Velagapudi

Martin Madden

The Woodruff Family

The Rivero Family

Frank Hering

Jennifer Goodman

Rose Johnson

The Pabani Family

Brian Woodruff

The Rao Family

Colin Ward

The Mastricola Family

Cortney & Devin Wascher

James Kidston

The Vogt Family

Linley Collins

George Smiley

Amelia Deering

Barb Powers

The Marusich Family

Armin Ward

Susan Harding

The Gouge Family

Fred Fletcher

The Alms-Bickler Family

Courtney Boborci

The Yagci Family

Ajinth Sreedharan & Divya Ajinth

The Smayda Family

Hugh Rider

The Goist Family

Sandy & Gregg Revak

The Sporina-Logan Family

Rachel Dwyer

Roberta Nabor

The Garcia Family

The Walsh Family

Linda Kost-Bremseth

Jamie Lau

Kacy Calderwood

Mark & Beth Corley

Susan Kennedy

Janet Hughes

The Almazan Family

The Woltz Family

The Medikundam Family

Joann K. Cornell

Paul Rogers

Anatoli Karas

Rob & Lara Berry

Joe & Chris Galvin

Wayne Marshall

Ed & Kelley Berlin

Jason & Cynthia Rafkind

The Shirazi Family

The Rozdilsky Family

Rick & Rachel Zonts

The Martinez Family

Julie Harnew

Linda Rogers

The Ksiag Family

Susie Howe

Michael Knight

The Pradzinski Family

The Mordini Family

Ken Sandock, MD '61

Diane Solone & Todd Reimer

Kendall Milone '22

Imran Uraizee

Payton Kut '25

The Kademoglou Family

Gizem Tunca

Caitlin Ward

Adam & Leslie Stout

Brennan Elizabeth Riff 

The Gentleman Family

Kathryn & Jim Beligratis

Ted & Tanya Meyers

John & Eileen Andrews

Harold & Susan Rider

Phillip & Dawn Rudolph

Stephen VanZandt

Blair Alexander & Richard Johnson

Matthew J. Betz III '50 & Judith Betz

Michael Craft Johnson '68

John H. Rexford '75

David & Vicky Smith

Antonis & Roblyn Theodorou

Frank Bauer

Donna A. Bolz

Jack & Jodie Groppel

Bryan Luby '92

William Crossley Purdy II '08

Demaris Purdy '12



We are so grateful to the Board of Trustees who have already given at 100% toward our goal!

Laura Anderson
Jennifer Bellini
Phillip Cowen
Steven Dadouche
Rhonda Dwyer
Sandy Kirk
Fred Masnato
Richard Milone
Bill Padula
Keith Rauschenberger
Alan Scimeca
Dani Smiley
Margie Ward
Michael Warren
Jay Wittmeyer
John Yavari