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Supporting Elgin Academy

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that this year, our 185th, will be the final year of Elgin Academy. The Board of Trustees has engaged in a thorough analysis of the factors negatively impacting enrollment as well as the financial challenges and realities facing Elgin Academy. In recent years, the gap between the revenue that tuition and annual giving generates and the amount it takes to run the school has become unmanageable and unsustainable. 

Regrettably, given the current enrollment landscape combined with EA’s modest endowment and aging physical plant, we would essentially have to run a significant annual capital campaign simply to be able to cover the school’s operating budget, which currently runs at a $4 million deficit. Despite the tremendous efforts of the Board, school leadership and other dedicated community members to find a path forward, we have recently determined that our model of an independent Preschool through 12th grade school is no longer sustainable in Elgin.

Opportunities to support EA programs, student activities, our faculty and staff, and celebratory events for this school year will be communicated to our generous EA community throughout the year. 

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