Thank You

As the Director of Development I want to thank you for your gifts to Elgin Academy. The reasons we give to Elgin Academy are vast and varied, and personal, but we have one common theme among them, EA students. Your life role(s) and relationship to Elgin Academy - student, parent, alumni, past parent, grandparent, relative or friend of a student - define why you give to EA. Whatever your reason, a gift of support to Elgin Academy is a personal investment in our Elgin Academy students. This investment allows Elgin Academy to deliver on the promise of a very unique and special learning environment. And for each and every student the learning environment is enhanced in the classroom, stage, field, or volunteer opportunity because of your personal gift to Elgin Academy. Your gifts are supporting and enhancing the education of today’s students and the next generation of EA Hilltoppers. Thank you!

Sincerest Regards,


Marnie Kut

Assistant Head of School for External Affairs

(847) 695-0309 ext 226